Cultural importance of wedding rituals observed at saraswat weddings

India is made up of different religions several cultures, and each culture has its own value and beliefs. Coming to weddings, then it is a ceremony discovered by all human beings to give their relationship a name suitable for social acceptance. A wedding has several rituals to follow and each of these rituals have a cultural importance. The CKP caste is one that performs all its rituals with sincerity and is able to retain its cultural value.

The Cultural importance of wedding rituals observed at Saraswat matrimony are as follows:

  • In the pre marriage rituals the ritual of having an engagement is one that is very importantly to be done since this is an official declaration of the marriage to be held. The bride and the groom exchange rings and there are gifts that are given to the groom by the bride’s family and kumkumtikka that is a symbol of the acceptance of the bride in the groom’s family. She is given a beautiful saree and jewellery as well that she has to wear throughout all rituals performed on that particular day.
  • The CKP community feels very close to the lord ganesha and hence before the wedding ceremony takes place there is a puja in the name of the lord ganesha. The significance of this puja is to get the blessings of the lord ganesha for their married life. After the puja is completed the pandit calls the parents of the bride and the groom and ask them to pray for the happiness their children.
  • The ceremony of the kanyadaan refers to the giving away of the bride by her father to the groom. This ceremony is a very emotional time for the father when he places his daughter’s hand on the groom’s hand gently. This symbolizes that the father has now given his daughter to the groom and he then gently places his hand on the bride’s shoulder that is a sign of acceptance by the groom. This ceremony is essential since this is the time where the father through the ritual passes the message to the groom that now his daughter is his responsibility.
Ezhava Wedding

There are several other rituals that are performed as pre wedding rituals, wedding rituals or post wedding rituals. Each of them have their own cultural importance. The haldi ceremony before the wedding is to help the bride glow in the wedding night, the saath phera that is taken place during the wedding is a mixture of several vows that are taken in between the bride and the groom and they promise to take care of each other their entire lives. The ceremony of bidaai is performed by the bride and her parents in which she has to throw rice and the mother catches them in her saree to cherish the memories her daughter has given her and this family from the day she was born. Every ritual has its own deep meaning and the above mentioned ones are the Cultural importance of wedding rituals observed at saraswat weddings.


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