Bridal tips for a Summer Muslim Bride!

Brides are mainly concerned about their looks and attire. When you are about to become a Muslim bride then make sure you take care of your skin, body a lot apart from attire and make up. You can read various tricks, information on website these days on how to keep yourself fit and take some bridal tips. When you are planning for your Muslim matrimony then there are thousands of things to do for Muslim bride especially when your wedding is in summer. Here are few bridal tips that you need to follow and take care for a Muslim summer wedding:


Buy light weight trousseau:

When you prepare for your bridal trousseau then ensure you buy everything that you can wear easily in summers. Buy cotton, linen, georgette clothes and avoid buying silk, satin, and crepe when you are getting married in summer. Brides should take care of the fabric they buy because slippery or body hugging clothes can pave way to rashes and itching in summer.

Wear light waterproof makeup on wedding day:

When your Muslim matrimony is in summer then always asks for makeup stylist to go for waterproof makeup so that you don’t become a matter of joke among your guests due to scattered makeup on the face because of continuous sweating. Wear light waterproof makeup on your wedding day.

Buy flat footwear:

Make sure that you buy your footwear that is open from front so that air passes and it keeps your feet airy. Wear flats in your wedding because usually brides have to wear heavy bridal outfit on the wedding day. So to avoid any inconvenience you should prefer flats in your wedding.

Don’t indulge in heavy makeup or accessories:

Avoid heavy makeup and heavy jewellery on the wedding day when it’s in summer. Heavy makeup and accessories will make you uncomfortable during the wedding.

Take care of your skin and fitness:

When your wedding is in summer then ensure that you keep yourself hydrated and drink gallons of water every day. There are many things to do in a wedding so it becomes very important to keep yourself hydrated and fit. Drink enough water so that your skin becomes naturally radiant and glowing.

Check with your gynaecologist before wedding:

In case you are facing any health issues then make sure you get all health issues fixed before your wedding. In case you are having any menstrual problem then consults your gynaecologist and takes medicines. It’s always good to take care of your health before wedding and always.

Plan a honeymoon with your grooms

A honeymoon possesses the most special time for bride and grooms both. Always plan your honeymoon with your groom and make sure you choose place that is cold and you both can enjoy the time of your life. You should get the tickets booked for cold place and enjoy life and experience new things. Being a Muslim bride you have to take care of few above mentioned tips in order to stay fit and glowing.


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