Planning Tips When You Decide to Stay Away from Your Parents After Marriage

There comes a moment in everyone’s lives when it’s time to say goodbye to the sheltered lives of living with parents. Shadi is the best when it comes to choosing the life partner. For the first halves of our lives, the parents fend for us, earn for us and take care of us, only to see us grow into mature, sensible and responsible human beings. This point may come very early in some people lives and, may be slightly delayed in some others. But for people who decide that after marriage is the right time to finally take on these responsibilities, it involves a lot of preparation and planning. In this article, explores responsibilities and preparations one need to make when he plans to stay away from his parents after marriage.


Now the basic difference between moving out when one is single as compared to when one is married is that as a singleton one can fend off bare minimums. Even in a room with one mattress, a single person can continue to stay and survive efficiently for months, but when one is married, the needs and desire of the other partner and also the whole gambit of living responsibly and comfortably comes in. one needs to start planning on the aspect of what all is required to set up the house, a refrigerator, a TV, some kitchen utensils and many other daily need items need to be listed up for efficient working. The needs may vary according to the peculiar requirements of the city, like an AC may be required in warm cities but not so much in cooler places. But the listing of essentials is the first step for building a home.

Now the second step is the monetary aspect. The making of essentials list is fine but money has to be catered for fulfilling all the desires. The list that has been formulated needs to be arranged in the order of priority and the husband and wife need to discuss together the immediate requirement things and what can be delayed. Now for this one can start planning in advance and start investing in money making schemes that give you handsome rewards on your savings and then provide you enough money at the right time.

Now to the most difficult part, looking for a suitable abode to stay in. to find a house whose rent or monthly EMI, in case you decide to buy one, fits into your monthly salary is a tedious task. But do try and pick up a house with all the basic needs and adequate security provided as this will be your first home.

Lastly is the emotional angle of breaking this news to the parents. At all levels telling the parents that you will be staying away after marriage is an extremely tough one. So it is very important that one handles it well, keeping in mind the emotional state of the parents and also having a sense of empathy towards them if they decide to counter your decision and not make a fight of it. Do remember, parents have sacrificed a lot for you to get at the place where you are. You should hear them out.

So go out and find that dream home and build your first happy abode.


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