Tips for a Stylish but Affordable Bengali Style Wedding

Bengali weddings are among the most elaborate ceremonies that are held in the Indian Sub-continent, and there is a lot of glamor and glitz that is attached to it. This apart there are several parts to the marriage both in the pre as well as post phases that are meant to involve all the members of the family as well as distant relatives that can also engage in the fun part of the marriage. The traditional Bengali matrimony ceremony is almost an event with lots of signs and symbols that are essential parts of the auspicious bonding.

Bengali matrimony


Giving it the stylish approach

With more people moving out of the home shores to work and live in other lands there is the urge to make the traditional Bengali marriage more stylish and affordable with the spending channelized to the overall effect rather than only on the jewelry. You will begin the invitation with the card and keep it stylishly simple to impress people right at the onset of the ceremony.

  • The choosing of the venue will play an important role as it’s décor will be a prime factor that will give a stylish look to the entire ceremony. If you are getting married during the monsoons, you will only do well to hire a hall and dress it up in a modern and stylish theme. One of the most stylish ways of doing up any wedding venue is to make use of the lights in combination with the crystals and the silk.
  • Setting up the wedding venue in the banquet style will give it a plush look that is will also enable the guests to enjoy the occasion comfortably. The actual wedding canopy can have a traditional setting with that complements the look of the rest of the hall where all the rituals of the auspicious wedding can be carried out.
  • Next, comes the way that the bride and the groom dress up for the wedding to make the impact as the couple. The traditional Bengali bride cannot do without her red or any similar hued Benarasi sari with the heavy zari inlaid work. It is good to make an investment on this that you can later wear to parties.
  • Then come the jewelry and the makeup part of the bride that can be made stylish and contemporary using the minimal jewelry effect with the matching makeup to give a modern look. The expert use of the visual continuation of the jewelry and the makeup of the Chandan and the Mukut can give that seamless, stylish look.
  • The groom too can choose the color of the Panjabi from the heavy Taser with inlaid work and the matching Nagari shoes that will give him a regal look standing tall in the elaborately carved Topor.

It is essential that you keep an eye on the menu and the décor of the food stall that you can setup in the traditional Bengali décor and serve varieties of Bengali delicacy. This will keep your food expenditure under control and also help you give the gourmet a stylish approach.


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