Tips for a Stylish but Affordable Oriya Style Wedding

Indian weddings are extremely lavish affairs with a riot of colors and plenty of people and children spread across the every bit of empty space available in the house and also the wedding venue. But there is more than things meet the eyes as there are ceremonies and rituals that have to be performed with perfection. The choice of the colors and the items are made such for the wedding that they please the Divine and invoke the blessing on the couple getting married. There are pomp and show of colors, but they are strictly according to the traditions that have great significance.


Tips for going stylish

With the contemporary style of a wedding taking over in all the states of the country, Orissa is not to be left behind, and there are some fascinating ideas that people are now incorporating into the traditional Oriya marriage. The traditional marriage is meant to have several steps that involved the puja and the blessings with the fitting attire. Here are some tips on how you can add style yet keep it within your reach.

  • Once you begin the preparation of the marriage, you can start planning together for your wedding outfit as wedding photography has a lot to do with style these days. As the bride, if supposed to be in the traditional red due to its auspicious color, the modern groom can suit his Kurta or even Sherwani with the shade of the sari to bring about the stylish look.
  • It is also important that the bride makes a clear choice of the jewelry and the outfit that she is going to wear. It is the age of minimalism while still maintaining the traditional look. You can pick a sari with a gorgeous border, but less inlay works so that the jewelry that you wear stands out along with the complementing makeup.
  • The most stylish wedding would be those that are the destination weddings but to keep it affordable you could choose a theme for your Oriya matrimony that will make it out of the box. The theme that you choose should complement you and your to be partner’s personality.
  • You can choose simple nature or season themes that will help you do up the marriage venue in leaves and flowers that are available at that time in plenty and will be affordable too. This way style will combine affordability and give you a stunning place to get married in.
  • The best time and place that you can make your wedding more stylish is by adding something interesting immediately before the wedding like a bachelor’s party that is celebrated individually at the bride’s and the groom’s place respectively and then have a blast together in the evening with both families gathering together.

When you talk about affordability and style in your Oriya Matrimony, you cannot leave out the food and the menu that is a huge place to improvise on. You can set up the themed stalls and serve some interesting food that is not too expensive but will make your guests keep intrigued on the stylish approach.







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