Traditional yet Contemporary Dressing for a Bengali Groom

Indian weddings are elaborate affairs that are deemed incomplete without much of the traditional ceremonies and the fanfare that are attached to it. The traditional Bengali matrimony is no different with almost the entire clan gathering together for the occasion. There is much planning of the dressing and the makeup that centers on the bride. But of late even the grooms are becoming trendier with the traditional yet contemporary look.

bengali groom

Giving the contemporary touches

The typical Bengali groom is dressed in a white dhoti and the traditional white kurta called the Panjabi. There is also the silk cloth that is draped around the body of the groom during the marriage known as the jor that is tied to the end of the sari of the bride while going around the fire and is a symbol of the lifelong bond between the two.

  • The modern groom wanting to wear the contemporary look can choose the beige dhoti over the pristine white that already gives him the edge of moving onto the contemporary look. Wearing of a silk dhoti of this color will add dimension to the looks of the groom that can stand tall with the stylish sheen that the color reflects.
  • Keeping the dhoti simple will give the groom the chance to explore more with the kurta or the Panjabi that gives an imperial look. If you wish to look thoroughly traditional, you cannot substitute the kurta with the sherwani. But what you can do to bring about that million dollar effect is to choose a silk kurta with heavy embroideries.
  • These are also available in bright colors these days that will help you accentuate the contemporary look. The silk that is usually taser is heavy in itself that the bright and contrasting embroidery can accentuate.
  • The traditional wedding cannot be completed without the silk jor, make sure that you wrap it around over the Panjabi that will help you to adjust it both during the rounds around the fire and also later when you are supposed to keep it on.
  • Another very important part of the groom’s attire is the grand crown or the topor. Choosing a piece of good craftsmanship will give the added grandeur to your overall look. Make sure to choose one that is not just elaborate but also has a good length so that it adds that extra vertical dimension to your look.
  • Finally, you cannot ignore your shoes for the wedding. The traditional groom of the Bengali matrimony is expected to wear the rich Nagari shoes that have intricate inlaid work and some also have the carved frontal part for the regal look. Choose a color and style that will complement your Panjabi design so that you have the effect of a modern and coordinated groom going out to bring the bride of your dreams.

To get the best effect, it is also necessary that you start preparing your skin for the day. Make sure to get some facial done beginning at least a week before and also take care to apply them on your palms with the proper manicure and the pedicure for the best effect.


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