Traditional yet Contemporary Dressing for a Muslim Groom

Muslim marriages have deep lying traditions and customs that are also very colorful and have a lot of religious significance. The different steps of the Muslim matrimony have serious social and religious intonations that help in understanding the families better as well introduce the bride and the groom to the respective family members that will be a part of their lives. The exchanging of the gifts and the choosing of the wedding attire though are followed traditionally have a social aspect to them.

muslim groom

Getting stylishly contemporary

The entire focus of the dress in a marriage usually centers around the bride, but the contemporary groom also has a choice of wedding ensemble today to complement the looks of the bride. It is best to match the attire of the groom with that of the bride so that the couple looks brilliant during the photo sessions that will remain as memories forever.

  • There is the blend of the traditional with the modern that many designers have brought about. As there is no structure for the Muslim groom to pick any particular color or dress, you have every opportunity to be stylish.
  • The Sherwani and the Churidar are, of course, the hot favorite grooms’ dress when it comes to dressing up traditionally. There are plenty of choices of colors and designs that you will come across from the expensive designer names as well as the less expensive ones. Once your bride to be has decided on the color of her outfit you can proceed to choose a shade that complements hers.
  • In most cases for the marriage proper, it is the complementing color that is preferred while for the reception you can go in for the contrast.
  • While choosing the design on the Sherwani remember to suit it with your build and stature. If you are tall built, then you can opt for the large and prominent embroidery works that will stand out on your broad torso.
  • For those that are of smaller stature, it is better to avoid the bold contrast between the base color and the inlay work. Also, choose a lighter shade of the color that your bride will wear. For example, if she is wearing a bright red, choose a lighter shade of the red that will give the visual impression of size to you.
  • Keep the color of the Churidar to white as it will help in adding height to your looks. Make sure that the shoes that you wear have the same inlay work as your Sherwani.
  • It is also fashionable to choose a Sherwani that has less inlay work and the Western cut such that you can have them stitched to match your height and build. Wearing the light colored Sherwani Type jacket in jacquard over the silk shirt and complementing silk pant like Churidar is a perfect blend of the traditional with the contemporary look.

To get the best contemporary look to your traditional groom’s look it is best that you visit one of the designer stores that have plenty of options and also the experts that will help you in choosing the right option in keeping with your physique. At the same time do not forget to carry the color of your bride’s costume.


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