How To Convert A Typical Tamil Wedding Into A Destination Wedding

Tamilians are widely known for their elegance and simplicity even if it’s something as extravagant and big as a wedding. If you attended several South Indian weddings and have seen a Tamil Wedding, you know why it keeps you coming back for more. Even though these weddings are not as extravagant or opulent as North Indian folks like Punjabis, they are extremely lavish in their own right. Following their traditions in style is what sets a Tamil Matrimony apart. With modernity and makeovers setting in, these sacred rituals and beautiful ceremonies are going towards a destination wedding trip.

  • Panda Kaal Muhurtham: Making it a stunning and awesome visual spectacle is what defines these weddings. The functions in Tamil households start with this ritual that’s performed a day before the main marriage. Here, both the families offer their devotion to God for an uninterrupted, joyous and peaceful wedding. The road has begun.
  • Sumangali Prarthanai: This ritual is for the married women who are endowed with a prosperous and harmonious married life. In this ritual, they perform a puja and offer prayers to Sumangalis along with the bride-to-be. They seek blessings from Almighty God for a blissful married life. The Sumangalis are needed to drape a traditional Madisar or nine-yard saree. The number of these women going for the Puja is perennially in odd numbers like 3, 7, or 9. After the conclusion of the Puja, they’re treated with authentic and tasty South Indian food served on a fresh banana leaf.
  • Pallikai Thellichal: Here, 9 types of grains and curd are filled and mixed into seven earthen pots, which are adorned with sandalwood. They family immerses these pots in the water for feeding the fishes. This one’s a beautiful custom that seeks the blessings from the aquatic denizens about a prosperous journey ahead. It’s very auspicious and has all the ingredients of a true destination wedding when performed in the right manner.
  • Naandi Shrardham: This ritual lets the groom’s and bride’s families pay their obeisance to their departed ancestors. 10 or fewer Brahmins are invited for a delightful South Indian treat by both families. You have flowers, coconut, fruits, sweets, paan-supari and veshti angavastram, which are offered to the pious Brahmins. They bless the couple.
  • Engagement and Nichayathartham: The ritual starts with a Ganesh Puja that’s performed by the bride’s family. The groom’s family then provides the bride a new apparel, gifts, and jewelry. The bride’s family presents a new set of clothes to the groom. The couple then changes into their new ensemble gifted by each others’ families. The groom’s sister comes and applies Chandan tilak and kumkum on the bride’s forehead and the bride’s brother does the same to groom. He offers a garland to the groom. The couple then exchanges rings.
  • Kasha yatra: After the mangala snanam and Gauri Puja, comes the most fascinating part. The groom pretends as if he’s hesitant to marry and taking a holy pilgrimage to Kashi. He walks away with a few bare essentials like slippers, umbrella, and a walking stick. The bride’s father steps in to stop and tries to persuade him to go settle down in a married life.

 In this bid, he is willing to give him his daughter’s hand. The groom agrees to this and walks towards the mandap. This Tamil Matrimony facet sure has some cinematic depth, what say?

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