Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting The Trousseau For A Traditional Tamil Bride

Trousseau is French word with an appealing meaning. It’s an integral aspect of a bride’s wedding preparations. For many of us, the mothers have been keeping aside and collecting stuff for sending to us. Traditionally, your bridal trousseau contains linen, pillows, silverware, clothes, chine, towels, and jewelry and so on. Given space and time, we’re in, you do have numerous limitations pertaining to the volume of stuff you can carry. In Tamil Matrimony, the trousseau is more suited to the culture and credence of the region.


It’s not just about some fancy lingerie, sarees with multi-purpose blouses; makeup stuff, pretty heels, sparkly clutches, nightwear, ethnic flats and fitted tops and dresses. It’s more about what suits the occasion in compliance with the amazing customs of Tamil weddings.

  • Making a list: Let’s get the basics right. Your trousseau will have to entail virtually everything you might require for at least the beginning five to six months of your married life. It will have all basic items like toiletries, make-up, clothes, footwear and the likes. You need to pack them up all. Make a list of what you need to shop and what’s been already shopped or what you already possess.
  • Keeping a tab on time: Time often becomes a constraint for trousseau shopping. The whole shopping spree relies on the time you have at hand. It can be a few weeks or a few months. Time check helps you to make the most of the bridal exhibitions, offers and sales. It’s also important that you must finish your entire shopping a minimum of 15-20 days prior to your wedding. You need to have sufficient time to relax and sleep as Tamil Matrimony is an amalgam of different and definite rituals and customs. It’d also help you in avoiding last minute hiccups like delivery or fitting problems.
  • Affirm your budget: Tamil weddings aren’t a very cheap affair in terms of the finances involved. Though it could be modest if you want, but the volume of rituals make it considerably cash-driven. Setting a budget becomes very important in this regard. You need to know and decide where you want to spend and precisely how. For all essentials, there’s no harm in going overboard or splurging. Simultaneously, you might want to confine yourself to a restrictive budget for some less important things.
  • Deciding on jewelry: Shopping your jewelry might entail the most expenses. Many people purchase this beforehand. If you are one of them, you need to purchase your wedding ensemble accordingly. It’s a foregone conclusion that it has to match the outfit. Tamil bridal dresses aren’t very opulent, yet they are extremely classy and elegant. The white saree and forehead accessories have a charm and beauty of their own. The jewelry needs to be minimalistic if not bare. That would complement your dress and personality as well.

Lastly, it’s important to consider different key points before shopping. The wedding venue, functional duration and weather all play a central role. Plan properly has no alternative, be that any type of wedding.

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