Best Muslim Matrimony Weddings Among Bollywood Stars

Weddings are always a lavish affair, even for the average income group. People spend a lot of money in weddings as it’s considered to be a lifetime event and something that remains a sacrament in our society. A-list celebrity lists and guests, accommodated in swanky seven-star, five-star hotels and treated to the most exquisite cuisines, Bollywood’s Muslim star have taken their Muslim Matrimony to a new level altogether. With heavy jewelry, marvelous designer ensembles, and superb media coverage, there’s a wide departure from the core religious marriages or codes.

PC: The Indian express

Well, that appears to be permissible for a league for which sky’s the limit. The jaw-dropping, often glamorous and expensive marriages of Bollywood stars are something that the entire country talks about. There are superstar couples leaving no stone unturned to make their sacred union a hugely memorable one. Moving over the likes of Shahrukh Khan and Aamir khan, who have been married for a long time now, there are the new stars who have amazed all.

  • Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor: Popularly called ‘Saifeena’, their wedding took the pomp and show concept to another level. The merriment and celebrations were never-ending for their week long nuptial revelry. Celebrities from the film industry, world of politics, sports, and royal families made this royal wedding a traffic spectacle with their unique and mighty presence. For this pair, everything remained a splurge and most expenses were spent on the custom made outfits for the couple that catered to various rituals. That made headlines along with their Nawabi Andaz and designer outfits.
  • The beautified facets: Kareena’s illustrious mother-in-law Sharmila Tagore too, had a priceless and beautiful ‘sharara’ on the wedding day. The post-wedding reception’s invitation card called dawah-E-Walima had the royal Pataudi sign or emblem embossed on the card. It was just special. The wonderful reception hosted by Sharmila Tagore set the paparazzi world into a frenzy. Reports stated that two 5-star hotels in now Gurugram were fully booked with a helipad. It remains a matter of little wonder that even the country’s President was sent an invite.
  • Imran khan and Avantika Malik: Aamir khan’s famous nephew married childhood sweetheart in a glitzy and glamorous wedding. It was nothing short of another spectacle. Stars and celebs from every field attended the elaborate wedding festivities. Some reports also suggested that the parties had chefs and cuisine experts specially flown in from best eateries and Lucknow. They prepared some traditional delicacies.
  • Magnificence embedded: From the star-studded reception to the Mehendi, everything about this Muslim Matrimony was simply magnificent. The wedding invitation cards entailed special swipe cards that upped the expensed. They were needed to enter the venue. Taj Lands and Hotel was the venue for the lavish and expensive reception. The who’s who of B-town was in attendance for the day and so were pantheons from cricket world. Some reports suggested that Karan Johar was the wedding planner (unofficial) for this wedding.

Now there’s little left for imagination pertaining to the hoopla and excitement surrounding B-town weddings. Magnificent edge is what collectively defines them.

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