Carrying Out a Black and Red Wedding Theme Without Making it Look Monotonous

Of the many hues of Matrimony, the appeal of the color red goes beyond just love and passion. Red also stands for opulence, glamor, drama, elegance and beauty. So is it any surprise if red lends itself naturally to a wedding theme. Add to that the darkly sober, strong and certain black, and you have the recipe for a beautiful wedding theme. Red and black are natural mates, the yin, and yang of wedding décor. They truly complement each other and provide a deep rich ambiance to the wedding party. Here are a few tips on how to carry off this innately elegant theme without it becoming burdensome:


Introduce a third color

If you’re not careful, the theme of red and black can get a little overbearing and dark over time. So it becomes extremely essential to break the heaviness with a lighter hue such as white and/or gray, that is an airy third color. It will provide the necessary eye relief and keep the mood lighter despite the weighty colors. Wherever possible, punctuate with the third color. For instance, a wedding cake needn’t be all black and white. If it is, make sure that the accessories surrounding it are of a lighter tone. Or, if your gift boxes are in black and red, tie a cream or silver ribbon to break the heaviness. Or better still, the bridesmaids can settle for damask patterned dresses in red, white and black. If you’re going for roses throughout the wedding venue, give them company by keeping small vases of white flowers (or a single white flower) and greens alongside them.

Experiment with the bride and groom’s clothes

Make sure the bride and groom definitely do not wear red and black. Keep it confined to the bridesmaids and groomsmen. That will lend uniformity to the ceremony. Advise the bride and groom to wear colors that complement the theme but are lighter and fresher. In the case of a Christian wedding, this problem is almost sorted because the bride always wears white so here comes your eye relief. In Hindu weddings, asking the bride not to wear red is a big issue. In this case, you can experiment with gold and brocade. Settle for a gray or cream suit for the groom and your problem is solved.


Fix an accessory each for the bridesmaids and groomsmen in a color other than red and black. For instance, the men could sport a white handkerchief in their jacket pockets and the women could carry rose bouquets with dangling white or silver streamers. This would provide the necessary freshness and eye relief. In the end, it’s all about balancing colors so as to create a harmonious environment, whichever way you do it.

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