Hairstyle Ideas for a Kerala Bride With Long Hair

Kerala weddings look lavish and pompous. Even though Kerala families are quite conscious about the budget, they will just not compromise on colors, getting ready nicely and wearing amazing attires and jewelry. Kerala brides look awesome and for that, they have to wear the traditional sari and traditional hairstyle too. Most of the brides have long hair and so any good hairstyle will look smart. Most of the people feel that Kerala brides would have braid and then there would be flower decoration on the same. Yes, this is the part of Kerala Matrimony. But now things have changed and you will see that there are many other options too when it comes to having a perfect hairstyle!


Hairstyle options for Kerala bride

Having long hair would really give a lot of scope to the bride to make the lot many hairs do for the function. But she has to take the final decision based on what suits her best. In most of the cases, brides are styled with a bun or the long braid. But if the bride wants a stylish look and her hairs are bit long then she can even keep hair open. But if the bride is quite conscious about the quality of hair which is not quite smooth then there can be the use of hair extensions too. This looks smart and trendy. Some brides feel that the look and the hair style should be as per the shape of the face and often they are not able to decide that what will suit them the best. In that case, the bride will have to get in touch with a reliable hair stylist who has finesse in artistic bridal look and hairstyles. By choosing the right makeup artist and hair stylist you can boost the look at the wedding.

The different events at the wedding

Earlier, wedding in Kerala Matrimony would be considered as a function and so when the dressing and hairstyles were concerned, the bride with long hair would be given a braid as hairstyle and the sari is the traditional outfit. But now, you will see that there are different things celebrated at the wedding and this would include mehndi and sangeet too. For such functions, you have to create a particular look. The bride should, therefore, check out what suits the best. Every bride needs to know that what will make her look smart by all means. These matters the most and it will really make a good difference in life.

Having long hair is a blessing for these brides. But she should maintain them pretty well. On the wedding days, the hair stylist would use lots of gel and styling products to give hair a perfect look. So, just make sure that you have taken good care of your tresses a few days before the wedding. This will really make a good amount of difference.

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