Things to Avoid Before the Wedding for a Bride to be

A few more days and you are going to enter Matrimony. You are excited, nervous and positive, all at the same time. You had always dreamt of your wedding being the most special event of your life. How can I look more dramatic? How can I look more attractive? Should I try my hand at looking more glamorous? These are the questions that go through every bride’s mind in the days leading up to her wedding day. But not all your efforts may be so successful and you might just end up looking worse. Here are a few tips on what to avoid doing with very little time left for your wedding:


A dramatic haircut 

“I desperately want a new look for this new phase of my life. Why not experiment with my hair?” Certainly not. Chances are with so few days left for the wedding, you’ll not be able to make the right choice being on an emotional high and under so much pressure to look good. Think about it, normally if we don’t like a haircut we live with it till we grow our hair back. But in this case, you do not have this luxury. So stick to your look till after the wedding and take the decision to go in for a drastically different haircut before you leave for your honeymoon.

New Hair Color

This is another one of those drastic changes that you must never go in for immediately before your wedding. You never know how well the color is going to suit your skin tone or whether it will hold up as well as you had thought. What if the color grew dramatically lighter in the coming few days? So keep your patience stay away from new hair color.

Booze and caffeine

We know you’re over the moon that you’re getting married. However, the celebration does not mean that you guzzle alcohol every day. Not only will it add to body fat, it will also leave your face swollen and puffy. Add to that the other after effects like poor digestion and hangover, and you have more against getting drunk to celebrate than for it. While we’re at it, also cut down on excess tea and coffee which can leave you dehydrated and disturb your sleep cycle. So steer clear of alcohol and caffeine and focus on a fibre-rich, nutritious diet that will help you tide over one of the most stressful periods of your life.

New skincare products

Just when you think of picking up a tempting looking age-defying cream or a skin firming lotion, imagine what would happen if they gave you acne or turned out to be too harsh for your skin. That would be quite an anti-climax. Use your old favorites and leave experimentation for another day. You’ve got to play it safe for your big day.

Strenuous workout

If you don’t want a pulled hamstring or muscle cramp pain on your wedding day, don’t start a new workout just to crash lose some extra kilos before the wedding. You’ll end up doing more damage to your self-esteem.

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