Background Checklist for Arranged Marriages

Arranged marriages are a mainstay in India and account for almost 60 to 70% of all marriages in the country. It has been seen as a time-tested methodology in Asia and continues strongly even today. The institution is so strong, that it has emerged from a multi-company led business front through social media. Though arranged marriage bureau still exists in small towns, most people today look at social media and websites for matchmaking. The typically arranged marriages, where individuals were introduced through common friends and through relatives continues, yet the numbers have paled in comparison given the newly spread communication means and ease of travel in the country, which makes communication as well as meeting new people that much easier.




Arraigned marriages, especially in this age of easy divorces, require their own special set of checks and balances. We tell give you a checklist that will assist you in getting a befitting match.

Family History- It is important to conduct a complete check of the family, their history and their traits especially if any previous criminal history, lineage and claimed businesses. This is especially important because there is a lot of fraud that takes place based on falsely claimed lineage or business.

Background- It is very important to confirm the claims of the other person, lest the whole connect blows up in smoke. The background checks should include schools, colleges, and workplaces. Meeting and connecting with friends would be an important step in determining the values and culture of the person involved.

Have you met the individual enough?- There is no set answer or guideline to this issue other than ensuring that one has met and known the person as much as one would want to. The meetings should be adequate to understand the important aspects that you would want to know about the person including likes, dislikes, preferences, traits, and values.

Previous Relations- An important check should be on any previous relations. This can be done through friends and relatives, though some firms also offer this expertise. In addition, in a case of a second marriage, a check into the reasons for the separation would also help in trying to understand the future spouse better.

Medical Check-up- Given the number of people getting a raw deal due to hidden medical issues, it would be good to do at least the major checkups prior to marriage. This would eliminate chances of fraud and also keep you happy about the health of your to-be spouse. The issue is quite delicate and thus, requires tactful handling.

You could also check different Matrimonial Sites for advice and tips. These days there are many good ones that can provide you with good suggestions. At the end of the day, the call of tying the knot with anyone lies in a positive indication from within one’s own self. There is, therefore, no checklist which could be that in-depth or complete but these could serve as guidelines to arrive at some level of understanding before taking the plunge.

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