Hairstyle Ideas for a Muslim Bride with Long Hair

Time is changed now and along with it the aura and style of Muslim brides are also changed. Nowadays, you can see a tremendous change in Muslim bridal hairstyles also. Over the years, lots of hair stylists have introduced various types of bridal hairstyles. Brides belong to Muslim Matrimony are fond of trendy hair styles and makeup style. Being a bride you have to make yourself completely ready for your wedding both physically and mentally. You must be doing lots of things to improve your complexion but have you thought about your hairstyle that you are going to put on your wedding day. If not yet, you should think about it.


Though Muslim brides have to cover their face and head throughout the wedding ceremony but that doesn’t mean you should leave your hair untouched. Lots of women belong to your in-laws family will come to see you. They will appreciate you if you look gorgeous on your wedding day and for this, you need a good hair style along with good makeup and wedding dress. For a Muslim bride with long and beautiful hair, here are some hairstyle ideas are given below-

  • Braided hairstyle– Braided hairstyle is the most common form of Muslim bridal hairstyle. You should try this hairstyle if you have long silky hair. You just have to make a braid and decorate it with flowered clips or pins and with other head accessories. In this hairstyle, you will not feel messed up and it will be easier for you to put a dupatta over your hair. Your braid will remain as it is no matter for how many times you put or remove your dupatta from your head.
  • Half open tresses– The easiest and convenient hairstyle for Muslim brides is half open tresses style. Brides at Muslim Matrimony mostly prefer this hairstyle. You just have to make a half pony or just bind together your half hair at the top back using hair clips. You can even make a puff on top to make this hairstyle more stylish even from the front. If you curl up your hair, you will look even more gorgeous with this hair style.
  • Long textured and twisted ponytail– If you want to look stylish and gorgeous on your wedding ceremony, you should try hairstyle with long textured and twisted ponytail. It can be quite difficult for you to make a twisted and textured ponytail in a right way so you can take help of a hair stylist in this. This hairstyle looks totally unique and it enhances the natural beauty of Muslim brides.

You can try out any hair style from those mentioned above. If you have long hair, surely all these hairstyles will suit you. Being a bride you have to be concerned about your make -up and hairstyle. Now you have a variety of options for your hair. You can have an attractive and gorgeous look on your wedding day with a stylish and beautiful hairstyle.

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