Ideas to Decorate a Stage for a Muslim Wedding

Every nation has different customs and traditions of wedding according to their religion. For example, Hindus have their own customs about wedding according to the religion they follow. Their wedding decoration is also different from other weddings. There is another very popular religion known as Islam. Its followers are called Muslims. The tradition that Muslims follow in their wedding is quite different from all other religion. They follow a tradition which is defined by Allah in Holy Quran. The basic tradition in Islam is Nikah. After Nikah, the groom and bride can sit together on stage.

The decoration of stage in Muslim Matrimony is different from all other weddings. Muslim Matrimony is different from all other weddings. Today, we are living in the age of fashion. In Islam religion, every Muslim is allowed to move along with the world. The wedding is one of the most important functions in every religion. It does not only link two people but makes a connection between the families of groom and bride. To celebrate this moment Muslims usually decorates the stage and place where this celebration is going to take place. Sometimes wedding might take place in the hotel and sometimes at home. But in both case decoration is very important.




There are a lot of ideas for decoration of Muslim Wedding stage. Some of the most amazing and wonderful that people can use for decoration of Muslim Wedding Stage are-

  1. Firstly you can decorate the backstage wall with curtains. You can hang a curtain on the back wall of wedding stage. You can choose the color of curtains according to the wedding theme. For example, you can choose velvet, chiffon or net silk stuff curtains. You can either choose one color or combination of colors for your curtains.
  2. Usage of flowers will bring dreamy atmosphere into a wedding, especially original flowers. You can use these flowers for decoration of tables, backstage walls, and all other walls. You can also choose the color of flower according to the wedding theme. White and green flowers are mostly used for Mehendi function in Muslim wedding while red, pink, or purple colors are being used in bar and walima functions of Muslim Wedding.
  3. Along with flowers and curtains, you can also use candles and bright lights for the decoration of stage. You can also use centerpieces, vases, chandeliers and dried branches of trees for stage decoration.

Stage decoration is very important in almost every wedding. A wedding is considered to be incomplete without a stage decoration. A beautiful stage decoration can make your wedding a very memorable and remarkable event. You can also entertain your guests by decorating your wedding stage in a very beautiful and wonderful way. Today, there are a lot of ideas available for the decoration of stage in almost every functions such as Nikah, Barat, Walima, Mehendi etc. People can use such ideas for decoration of wedding stage. Today lot of Muslims are using these ideas so that they can decorate their wedding stage in one of the most wonderful and amazing ways.


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