Matrimony Tips for NRIs

Today marriage and wedlock has transcended borders much more than before and epitomized the saying “love knows no boundaries”. More and more people are following the social media highway and transcending across the seas to marry a person of their choice. Travel, to new and foreign lands, of course, remains the magnetic pull factor towards marrying a person settled abroad. India has its fair share of diaspora settled abroad and most NRIs, as they are called, look homeward to marry and settle with a person of a similar origin and upbringing. However, each country and its culture affect us as humans and much of our likes, dislikes, and way of life is dictated by that environment. Thus, though the origins might be the same, NRIs do get molded into the way of life of the place they live in and need to be quite sure that the way of life would appeal to and be in sync with the one they are marrying.




Meet as much as possible– NRIs must also make efforts to meet the prospective spouse as much as possible. Long distance relationships need a physical dimension to the bonding and this becomes even more important when one is permanently settled overseas. In addition, it would be important to give an insight into the varied lifestyle at the place of stay of the NRI and thus a planned trip for the prospective spouse could ease issues later.

Educate your spouse about life after marriage in a new country– Since the lure of travel and places would be huge, it would be important for the NRI to explain the nuances of life in a different country too. Given the culture of most foreign countries, it would be advisable to see some job and education compatibility for the prospective spouse in that country. This would ensure that post – marriage the turmoil of change of place is not added to with the need for a secure job opportunity.

Fulfill all Formalities at the earliest– Once one has decided on the spouse, formalities for visa and passport should be undertaken at the earliest. Marriage dates and place would depend a lot on these aspects being cleared at the earliest. Multi mediums must be utilized to converse and keep in touch during the courtship period including VOIP calls, video calls, and messaging services.

Communication is the key to a successful marriage– The NRI could share maximum details with his spouse. Efforts must be made to meet the immediate family as well as the extended family on a number of occasions to understand the background and culture. Also, one must try and find family and friends of the Indian – origin spouse in the foreign country thus, attempting to establish a comfortable and familiar environment for her.

An NRI marrying in the country brings with its own peculiar set of problems, though these can be offset through proper planning and communication. Matrimonial sites are a huge help as well with all the tips and suggestions in going about the right way to get married for an NRI.

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