Must haves for the wardrobe of a newlywed Hindu groom

Although the bride draws all the attention of the guests in the Indian wedding, yet it is essential for the groom to look his best on the big day. In, the newlywed Hindu groom is supposed to take many responsibilities like giving financial support to his wife, taking care of her, run the family and become a better man. But all this should not end in avoiding the looks. Being a girl or boy, everyone should take care of his/her looks. So it is essential for the newlywed groom to give heed to his wardrobe.

Here are some must haves for the wardrobe of a newlywed Hindu groom who want to look his best even after his marriage:


A newlywed groom is supposed to attend family functions and marriages in his in-laws as per community matrimony. Suits in his wardrobe are must for these occasions .The perfect collection of a newlywed groom’s wardrobe includes that suits like tuxedos and tail coats etc. According to the latest trend, ethnic collection must have a place in the wardrobe. This includes sherwani, ethnic suits or Achkan.  The newlywed groom can achieve the perfect look by matching bold bow tie, boutonniere, and personalized cufflinks with his attire.


Casual clothes:

Some casual clothes must be there in the wardrobe of a newlywed groom. While spending time with his wife on the vacations or honeymoon, these casual clothes will help to enjoy the time as they are so comfortable. Funky T-shirts, shirts, Jeans, trousers, jackets, caps, mufflers etc. will rock the vacation look.


The footwear that a man carry tells a lot about his personality. At the wedding time or after marriage, it is important to select the right footwear for the different occasions. Like women, men also have many options when it comes to footwear. He has options like shoes, mojdi, Punjabi juttis, formal or funky slippers, sandals, boots or sport shoes according to the dress. It will definitely make him look royal and majestic during or after getting married. Some comfortable shoes and slippers should also be there for vacation purpose.


Different regions of India show various traditional looks through the men’s accessories. These accessories help in showing the real personality or complexion. Shades, watches, bracelets, belts, ties, caps etc. are certain essentials which can be carried by a newlywed groom. They are often referred to as men’s collection. They complete the groom’s overall wardrobe collection.

Grooming kit:

It is a necessary kit of tools for the newlywed groom. It is the collection of products needed for the skin care like shaving cream, trimmer and other body care products. This kit takes care of a man’s lifestyle as it contains products which fulfill daily basic needs.

These fashion essentials mentioned above are must to complete the wardrobe of a newlywed Hindu groom. Well dressed and stylish guys look no less trendy than girls. The grooms can rock the look after their marriage if they take care of their wardrobe.

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