When a Hindu girl decides to keep working after marriage: Merits and De-merits

Marriage is an essential according to Hindu scriptures.  Life of a Hindu girl changes after marriage, she suddenly becomes more responsible with a new family and a new environment.

In the community matrimony, the marriages are the most significant rule in the society to follow the guidance of nature.

After marriage, some women starts supporting their family financially with more responsibilities, they are not dependent on the man or the parents in the family.  Everything changes- her life, daily needs, desire, wants and her own dreams.

For any married woman, it is very difficult to balance all the things and tasks during her married life according to Indian culture in a proper Hindu family.

In Hindu society, the culture is so different and so are the mindset about the working women, they think that she is alone responsible for the family.She doesn’t have any freedom or rights in the family.

Some merits for working women

  1. Become an independent lady:

Doing some work professionally means that you are purely independent yourself through the job or the other work profile.

  1. An inspirational mother of your children:

When a Hindu woman decides to keep working after marriage, it’s very to maintain family and the responsibilities. Working women are always an inspiration to the world and her kids too. For the children, a mother is the most inspirational in this world.

  1. Increased reputation in the society

Be the motivational mentor in the society to increase the respect, reputation, power, potential, own status or the image through working after the marriage.

Some demerits for working women

  1.  Find less time to spend with family:

This is a fact that a working woman finds less time to spend with her family and children and this becomes the reason to increase the distance between the man and women.

  1. Harassment/managing all the works at a time:

It is difficult to do all the works and tasks at the same time as a working woman. In Hindu culture, married women have to do all the house works and raise children. With all this, it becomes hectic to work professionally.

  1. Disturbed family life:

For working women, it becomes difficult to balance the whole family members among your own responsibilities. So this becomes a type of demerit to keep working after marriage for women.

  1. Tolerate mentality of Indian society

Indian society is very ritualized where many kinds of peoples stay. Different lifestyles, thinking, mindsets play an important role in the making of Indian society.All this make it difficult for women to work.

  1. Changing priorities:

A woman’s priorities automatically change after marriage. Sometimes she has to drop all the dreams, after taking the new responsibilities.

In, women are meant to do house works but in the recent times, the atmosphere has totally changed. Most of the women are becoming independent despite all the difficulties they face after marriage.

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