When you decide to become a Hindu housewife – merits and demerits

To be a Hindu housewife is not an easy task.A girl becomes a wife, a daughter-in -law, a mother and a typical housewife after marriage in the Indian families.In, a woman is responsible for keeping all the family members of the house happy. But she also enjoys some advantages by being a housewife.

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Here are some merits of becoming a Hindu housewife:

Possess financial security:

This is the biggest merit possessed by an Indian housewife that she becomes financially secure. A man takes the responsibility to provide financial security to her wife. In this way, you don’t have to worry about earning money.

Able to give proper time to the family:

A woman is supposed to take care of all the family members and house chores as per community matrimony.

Being a housewife and not a working woman, it becomes easy for her to give proper time to her family.

No hectic schedule:

If you are a housewife, it will be easier for you to maintain all the tasks as there is less burden of work and no work pressure from workplace. So the schedule does not become hectic.

Get enough time to raise your children properly:

In the Hindu families, it is an important responsibility to give extra care to the children. Mothers are the only one who can take utmost care of their children. She is the mentor and motivation for her kids. When you are a housewife, you will find enough time for your children as you don’t have to go to any workplace.

Here are some demerits of becoming a Hindu housewife:

The sacrifice of own individuality:

The biggest demerit of being a Hindu housewife is that you have to sacrifice your individuality.As a responsible housewife and daughter-in-law, you have to accept the new family and their rituals. Taking care of all the house chores, keeping all the family members happy and results in the sacrifice of your own individuality.

Seek permission for freedom:

Some Indian families are narrow-minded enough to give freedom to women. You have to seek permission to go for shoppingand vacations especially if you are a housewife. Also you have seek permission even to visit her parents’ house. Sometimes, it becomes frustrating for women.

Not able to help their partner financially:

Men are more attractive towards independent and strong women. Sometimes when they suffer from financial crisis, they need help from their wives also. If you are not a working woman, then it is not possible for you to help him financially. Rather than being helpful you are financially dependent on him.

The decision of being a Hindu housewife is not an easy decision. Hindu rituals are different and following them especially as a housewife and daughter-in-law makes it little difficult but overall you can be happy being a Hindu housewife.So, we can say that a Hindu housewife enjoys certain benefits but they also have some disadvantages.

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