Must haves for the wardrobe of a newlywed Bengali groom

Compared to the grandness, popularity and cinematic demand of a Bengali bride, Bengali grooms have lagged far behind. The gap has been abysmal, so to speak. The prime reason is that Bengali women have surpassed the men counterparts on many accounts, especially in urban society. Men are not that forthright and stamping as the women, who have been proven to be ambitious and adapting. One look at the entertainment and modeling industry will give you this picture. Now coming to the topic, not just Bengali grooms, grooms of any culture don’t have that much clothes or wardrobe essentials to talk about.

For men in Bengali Matrimony or any other shelves, the list is limited. Men don’t need a treasure-trove of clothes and jewelry. It’s a different ball game out there and what fits into the wardrobe is what you need in life and work front. A large part of it is defined by the fact that as men, you aren’t moving to a new place. You’re rather sharing your space with your beloved wife. Adaptability is in the social, mental and physical form, not through your wardrobe. You do not impress anyone here, but yes, you do have to get your lifestyle and habits in order now.

  • Shirts, formals and ties: You have your professional attire set out just fine. Stripes, checks or plain shirts of any hue, they hang cozily with the ties. That’s your formal wear with the pants. They need to be kept separately and fully ironed. Belts are equally important here as not all clothes support the same belt. It’s but a pertinent fact that the dhoti and Punjabi or wedding attire becomes redundant after that day only. It’s time to hand it safely inside the wardrobe.
  • Check on the ethnic ones: Bunking the dhoti and loony ‘topor’ doesn’t mean you’ll leave behind your ethnic clothes. Bengali men look very good in kurtas and sherwanis. You need to keep them separately for festive occasions or other social invitations. There’s a separate place for coats, ‘jawahar’ coats and blazers. A different section can be attributed to suits, sherwanis and more regal apparel that you can wear on grand days. Your wedding outfit, if it’s not the clichéd Bengali groom type, can also come in this fold. Many men prefer to wear their favorite kurta and pajama in their best friend’s wedding.
  • Fixing your daily essentials: This is where you lock it. In Bengali Matrimony, it’s the same as all other men. You need to keep a good stock of socks and handkerchiefs. These are your daily usable items as you go out of the house regularly. Men are also very particular about these things. The next is your watches. They are something that defines your charm and appeal. Men prefer to keep their watches most sacredly. It’s like an ornament.

Then you should have perfume and body-sprays. It’s true that cosmetics play little or no role in a guy’s wardrobe or associated space, but the perfumes are a must have thing. Shoes remain another vital ingredient in your extended wardrobe.

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