When a Christian girl decides to keep working after marriage: Merits and de- merits

It’s a set perspective that having a happy marriage is simply to get your priorities right with the Almighty. That’s the crux of Christian Matrimony, where the couples vows to understand and stay with one another amidst all odds and adversities. However, it’s proven that in a marriage where the woman has a career, it adds a lot of extra strains and demands on the family and marriage. It’s true that working wives are more focused on their jobs and careers, but to what extent that harms the relationship at home or does it harm at all, varies.

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It depends on individuals, actually. It’s how to perceive life and do things. While opinions like working wives are exposed to infidelity and adultery, or career women entail a more independent and insouciant attitude with husband are mere generalities, the fact remains that working women find it hard to cope with both poles. It takes a lot of dedication and focus to maintain a balance. This balance is the all-important ingredient of a blissful relation.

  • On the advantages: Women are acclaimed for their multi-tasking potential. They have the ability to do various things at one time. You can support your family during economic crunch and define a new way of life. Being dependent upon the husband is passé now. You get complete financial independence, which is the obvious benefit. You’re on your feet and that’s your big bonus. You can call the shots at home and it gives relief that you don’t need to fear if your man deserts you tomorrow because you’ll be in a position to take care of your kids and yourself. You have a confident life.
  • Your children’s inspiration: A working woman always inspired her kids. The want to become like you and when they grow up, they’d rather look up to you than search somewhere else. You can work and take care of them at the same time.
  • More respect from the man and society: You’ll find that a working woman is actually better respected than housewives. However, husband’s attitude towards the woman is totally different. The entire family gives you more value and importance and that’s a morale booster.
  • A sociological benefit: You life can brim with exuberance as there’s no iota of time to be bored. You get to do something daily and that sets the tone. You can give a lot to society to. Young girls could learn from you about being financially independent.
  • Pitfall of family and negligence: The biggest disadvantage of a working woman is family. She becomes unable to give them their deserved time. It badly affects the children and even the husband too complains about it. This is a problem not just in Christian Matrimony, but for many other cultures as well.
  • Coping with fatigue: Handling work and family results in enormous stress and tension. It can jeopardize your health and lifestyle.

More often than not, working women can feel isolated from the society. As you remain immersed in work, you miss out on a lot of functions, events and family get-together or community gatherings.

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