When you decide to become a Christian housewife – Merits and de-merits

Before going deeper into the topic, you need to know and understand it clearly that most families are okay with their daughter-in-law working. The society is evolving at a rapid pace and it’s but customary to find a working bride. This is more prevalent in comparatively more open cultures like Christianity. Regardless of the regional denominations and virtues, Christian Matrimony has its precedents straight for a housewife. On numerous occasions, people have raised the subject of how beneficial or important it is for women to remain at home after they’ve had kids, but here’s some light on the possibility of being a housewife before the arrival of your baby.

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To being with, you need to know that being a housewife in a Christian household is quite a rare sight, at least if it continues for long. However, if the girl is not career minded and as such, always desired to marry, be a loving wife and dotting mother, then this one’s for you. Many girls aren’t excited by the idea of a 9-5 job or full-time career. Little jobs during the day from home would do fine. With a supportive husband, everything becomes nice.

  • All flexibility and time: This is actually an enviable situation wherein it’s hard to imagine that it’s still possible. You get the flexibility to live and work the way most women dream of. Recent studies suggest that increasingly women in their full-time schedules are reporting a huge desire to curb their working hours and be more like women with flexibility and time for the varied dimensions of life and themselves. This includes wife, chef, friend, gardener, and author. Citizen, seamstress, painter and you just name it. The list is just endless.
  • Contributing to the richness: In Christian Matrimony, if you’re a housewife, you might not add money to the household budget and expenses, but you can add incalculable and most precious value. The single bachelor marrying and finding himself empowered by a lady who managed the home front while the guy is out for professional drudgery is not oppression, but a way of life. You chose to be that way. You chose happiness in that way. This is called division of labor, which underlined successful marriages of yesteryears.
  • Focus on life’s subtleties: Most newly married couples today, who combined work 40 plus hours each week, can compare their relationship with their roommates’. They don’t speak of it with fondness or affection. People are only used to double earnings, which are potentially hazardous to the bond, especially when everything changes after the first baby arrives. If you’re a housewife, your relations won’t be affected and the bond stays strong.
  • Devotion to family: It’s a foregone conclusion that housewife can look after the kids, their wellbeing and family’s safety with full heart and unflinching devotion. Your attention won’t be diverted and you can give your 100% without compromising on anything and anyone.

The obvious pitfall is that you have to depend on your husband’s income to purchase or pay bills. That’s why part-time engagements are good enough. You can do it all with proper communication and understanding.

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