Jewelry essentials for a working Tamil woman after marriage

Jewelry is an important thing for a Tamil bride. In fact without jewelry, a Tamil bride doesn’t look like a bride. Bridal jewelry enhances the appearance of a Tamil bride’s wedding attire. It adds extra charm to a bride. As per Tamil Matrimony, brides have to wear lot of jewelry to get an extraordinary look on their wedding day. Not just on wedding day, but it is essential for Tamil newlywed brides to wear jewelry on every occasion. Even in the family get together and small family functions, a newlywed Tamil bride has to wear jewelry on traditional attire.

working women

Working Tamil women also have to wear jewelry after their marriage because it is a traditional belief that jewelry signifies that a woman is married. Being conservative, Tamil people mostly believe in traditional views and concepts so they also think the same way. They have made it essential for the newlywed Tamil brides to wear jewelry even while they are working outside. Some jewelry essentials for a working Tamil woman after marriage are as follows-

  • Bangles– Bangles are essential to be worn by brides at the time of marriage and even after that. So being a working Tamil married woman, you have to keep on wearing your red and yellow bangles all the time especially if you are newlywed. A set of bangles must always be in your hands all the time. According to Tamil Matrimony, red bangles serve as the sign of marriage for a Tamil woman.
  • Earrings– According to Tamil traditions and views, a married Tamil woman has to wear earrings whenever she attends any function and whenever she has to go anywhere out. It means, while going to your office you have to wear beautiful earrings and look like a true Tamil married woman. Mostly Tamil married women prefer to wear gold earrings that add something extra in their appearance.
  • Necklace– Earrings and necklaces go hand in hand with each other. Being a married woman, you are supposed to wear a simple or heavy necklace while going to office and while attending family functions. Being a newlywed bride, you are going to represent your husband’s family wherever you go therefore you have to carry right kind of attire along with right kind of jewelry on your body. To represent yourself in the best way at your workplace, you should wear gold necklace with golden earrings.

Being a representative of your new family, you have to look beautiful and elegant all the time. You can wear whichever type of jewelry you like to wear to make yourself feel like a married woman. Everyone appreciates a newlywed bride who wears beautiful jewelry on gorgeous attire. If you want to get appreciation by people at your workplace, you should wear right kind of jewelry on traditional outfits that are usually worn by Tamil newlywed brides. It is compulsory for you to wear jewelry as you are newlywed bride but it not compulsory to wear heavy jewelry all the time. So you can wear simple jewelry while going to your workplace.

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