When you decide to become a Tamil housewife – Merits and de-merits

Marriage is one of the major things in your life and it tends to change your life completely. With the help of many a Tamil Matrimony website, it has become somewhat easier for you to find your ideal partner. But then, you cannot run away from the changes that it induces in your life. Especially, when you are a girl, you life changes substantially and many of you tend to leave your professional life and become a proper housewife.

Merits of becoming a proper housewife:

There are without a shadow of doubt many an advantage of becoming a housewife after marriage and here are some of them elaborated for you:

Able to devote time to your kids:

When you decide to become a housewife, one of the things that you have in abundance is time and thus is able to devote it to your kids. You are able to supervise and scrutinize the growth of your kid in a better manner and thus your kids do not fall in a bad company.

Able to enjoy family functions properly:

Another thing is that you can give proper time to family functions and enjoy them as you need not to rush back to work the next morning. That also helps in planning and making these functions better.

No exaggeration:

Many a woman that is working after marriage tends to get a bit exaggerated with the dual responsibility that they have and tend to crumble under the pressure. Some of you tend to have health issues at an early age only which is not good at all.

Taking care of your in-laws in a better manner:

Your in-laws also need a helping hand at elderly age and thus when you decide to become a housewife; you tend to have more time for them and are able to take care of them in a better manner.

Demerits of becoming a Tamil Housewife:

Though there are some merits of becoming a housewife after marriage, there are some demerits as well. This is why you shall look for a guy on the Tamil Matrimony site who is happy when you want to work after marriage. Here are some of the demerits of becoming a housewife after marriage:

  • The first thing that happens when you leave your professional career is you tend to lose your self-respect which is not a good thing at all. When you are bound around the walls of your home, negative thoughts tend to creep and you start treating yourself in a wrong manner.
  • You also become dependent on your hubby for everything and thus lose your financial freedom. You get to think too much before spending and thus start killing your desires which makes your life dull and boring.
  • Last but not the least, when you and your partner work, the flow of money and thus the living standard become better. But when you are a housewife only, flow of money reduces and that has an impact over the living standard.


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