Do’s and Don’ts for a boy dating a Delhi girl

It not impossible, but definitely very tough to impress a girl from Delhi. And if you have been able to do so, then congratulations sir! You have definitely made a mark on the Delhi dating scenario. Enjoy this as the most memorable time of your life! But dude, please don’t do anything stupid to make her go away. The last thing you want in your life is an angry woman, that too from Delhi. So, if you are one of those lucky chaps who doesn’t want to lose out on his dilliwali girlfriend, we have here some do’s and don’ts for you:





  • Pamper her: pamper her by taking her to movies and favorite eating joints on holidays and weekends. Try showering her with small gifts of special occasions.
  • Respect her opinion: Delhi women are generally practical in their thoughts and outspoken about their opinions. Respect you girlfriend for the same.
  • Give her time: We know it’s tough to juggle jobs and the personal front on office days. Still, try and take out time to attend to the phone calls and reply to her messages when possible.
  • Let her make independent decisions: Give her the liberty to take her own decisions. After all, she’s a mature adult who was taking her own decisions even before you became a part of her life.
  • Respect her family and friends: Give due respect to her family members and friends whenever you meet them. This will surely earn you some extra brownie points!


  • Never interfere in her space: Make sure to give her space in the relationship. Never try to pile on your own commitments on her just because she is your girlfriend. Respect her privacy.
  • Never check her messages: This is a big no-no! Even if your girlfriend gives you the liberty to use her phone, still don’t do it! It is a kind of a trust test she might be putting you through. If you check, you lose her trust forever.
  • Never try to suppress her independent streak: Just because you are seeing her does not give you the right to take away her independence. Never ever try to make her do things your way, putting your ego first. Delhi girls are fiercely independent. By forcing her to do things, you are sure to lose her.
  • Never speak lowly of her job: most Delhi girls are working individuals who take pride in earning their own living. Hence, make it a point to never speak lowly of her job or the work she does.
  • Never speak against her family: Delhi girls share very strong bonds with their family members and friends. So never ever, in a million years say anything against their families or friends. If you ever commit such a blunder, even by mistake, then you are out! Period!

Follow these simple do’s and don’ts while dating a Delhi and be rest assured, that you are in for a smooth sail ahead. Wish you all the luck!

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