Do’s and Don’ts for a boy while dating a Mumbai girl

Mumbai girls are a sight for sore eyes, they are pleasant to see! The credit for this goes to their dressing sense. They have a cool attitude which attracts the guys so much. Mumbai girls love to hang out. They aren’t the typical “home – loving” creatures. They are always happy to visit the malls, spend their day at the beach or even with a small pizza dinner. Mumbai Dating with a Mumbai girl is the perfect combination which can make any boy’s day memorable.




Mumbai Dating sometimes needs vigilance as the lifestyle of the Mumbai girls cannot easily match with any guy. Whether the relation is new or old or you are madly in love, every relationship has its boundaries. Each person is different from one another. There are some general things that are entitled as relationship dos and don’ts.

Now we will discuss some of the Do’s and Don’ts for a boy while dating a Mumbai girl-


On one of the first few dates, cook on your own for her. Mumbai girls enjoy going out for dinner, but romancing at home over a meal cooked especially for her, will add your bonus points in her book.

On the starting dates, always step up to pay the bill rather than making an excuse to leave the table.

Do something spontaneous for her. Bring a bouquet for her without any occasion, leave a little note on her car as you are passing from there on your way to work.

Mumbai girls love outings. Plan some surprise outings for her. She will definitely feel happy and special.


Never ask for a kiss on the starting dates.  Asking for a kiss very early only makes a man look like a passionate guy. If she agrees it could only be out of politeness, while on the inside her attraction meter will be saying, “No”.

Don’t ask her for a date because Mumbai girls like to be with a man who is a leader, not someone who asks her permission. Approach her by simply saying “We should hang out… what’s your number?”

If you are on the date with a Mumbai girl, give her undivided attention. Don’t text your mates or keep yourself busy on phone by surfing social networking sites. Being glued to your phone all the time on a date is just considered as being rude.

Do not try to prove that you are a great boyfriend every time. If you will do this, she will constantly compare you with her Ex that may hurt you.

Girls do not like overprotective boys. Try not to be too protective. There is a fine line between showing your care and being over jealous.

If you are with the girl whom you are dating, she should be the only female on your mind. Don’t text other girls when spending alone time.

These are the tips you should give heed while dating a Mumbai girl. Keep these tips in the mind and rock your dates. Happy dating!

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