Do’s and Don’ts for a girl dating a Delhi boy

Delhi Boys! Our very own rustic Greek gods in the making! With their mere looks, charm and chivalry, they can make any girl go weak on her knees! And to top the looks, they are intellectual and soft spoken at the same time. So if you have been lucky in love and have a boyfriend from Delhi, the congratulations girl! You have made your mark on the Delhi dating scene. But hey, if you have something good, you have got to nurture and take care of it well. The same thing applies for relationships, especially if you are dating a boy from Delhi. So here we have for you a list of certain do’s and don’ts, to make sure that your relationship never hits the rough waters:





  • Compliment him: Making relationships work is not a one sided thing. It takes two to pull a relationship through. If you are giving your cent percent to your relationship, even he’s trying to do the same. Compliment him for that from time to time. Not only will it make him feel good, it will also strengthen your bond.
  • Listen to him: We girls have to admit that we are talkative by nature. But there are times, especially when you are dating someone, to listen. So be that good listener and hear him out. His opinions matter too.
  • Be yourself: Delhi boys absolutely adore girls who are honest and speak the truth. Be that girl. Don’t be hesitant in sharing your opinion about things. Be yourself.
  • Offer to dutch in or pay: though the presumption goes that a Delhi guy’s ego may get hurt if you offer to pay the bill, still it is a good idea to offer at least. This not only will leave a good impression but also highlight the fact that you are a self-dependent and self-respecting woman, who should not be taken for granted.
  • Let him go out for boys’ night outs: He maybe your boyfriend but he has other friends too. Let him freely have that time out with his good old buddies. He’ll love you for that!


  • Never make it all about yourself: Never ever make the relationship all about yourself. Never make him feel that it is only you who is responsible for making the relationship work. If you are playing your part, so is he.
  • Never interfere in his space: It is most important to give space to your boyfriend. Don’t be that clingy and irritating girlfriend, who keeps a track on all her man’s movement. This will hamper your relation tremendously!
  • Don’t act insecure: Trust your man. Don’t act insecure when he is in the company of other females when in office or parties. You are the love of his life. Acting insecure for no solid reason will affect your relationship negatively.
  • Don’t be over-possessive: the worst thing you can do to your relationship is to be over-possessive of your partner. This one thing alone can end your relationship for good.

The relationship is all about building rather that owning. Keep this in mind and enjoy your life with you Delhi gabru! All the best!

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