How to manage finances while dating a girl

Dating a girl has not been that easy for the regular guy. Let’s keep it simple. Those who are affluent and filthy rich will find the dating thing a great time passes or pastime even. Honestly, these guys don’t have to work for their resources or think of the means to achieve. They are either born with that money or don’t have to work for that. More often than not, the focus on finances is not there. People who can get them easily will not batter an eyelid to continue with their dating spree, with many girls.

But, for guys who are not born with such resources or who don’t have that affluent background, galvanizing your finances is a very important thing. In your approach to India Dating, you need to see that your job and business is sound or good enough to support your expenses. Then only, you won’t feel financially shattered in the middle of a date or in some work endeavor.


Mumbai Couple Dating


  • Plan your expenses: This is the very first directive. You need to treat the date as another platform of expense. Being honest with you is very important here. You need to know your own condition and capacity of spending. If you a monthly income that supports hangouts in post restaurants and clubs, then all fine. But, if the income is shaky or there are intermittent earnings in bulk, you need to be a little cautious. Planning your expenses in accordance with your income is always the right thing. It applies more here.
  • Fix your fixtures: After fixing the first directive, your aim should be to select the place of date or the places to go. There are certain clubs, lounges, and discotheques that compel you to dish you enormous amounts of money. When you have affirmed your financial condition and ground reality, you’ll know which places to go. This confidence will only come when you have assessed your life in proper terms. There’s no need to hurry or copy others. It’s your life and it’s you who is dating.
  • Know the girl: Make sure she isn’t a leech. There are some girls out there whose sole purpose is to drain you financially. Let’s admit it; you have many such cases happening around you. When you are planning your finances, this is one thing you need to be careful about. You need to talk to the girl before and know about her. A little knowledge about the likes and preferences and the to-do list is most important here.
  • Don’t’ borrow but save: More often than not, there are guys who end up borrowing from their friends to impress their lady love or date. Sometimes, they even steal. This is horrendous and must be avoided at any cost. This is not a litmus test for you and you don’t need to go overboard for your date.

The best thing is to save certain amounts each month and set a target. That target is the amount you’ll spend or use in your dating. You can date more than one girl but you won’t exceed the monetary number. This dedication is important.

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