Things to keep in mind while dating a girl elder to you

Dating an older woman is a rage these days. For many women above 35, they’ve never felt more coveted by men in their late twenties or early 30s. There are many reasons why men seek to date a girl elder to them. A naïve man will fall for the cougar concept, wink-wink idea and the old elbow-jabbing though that they are more likely to pay for everything. Well, that’s not true as these women have brains and have chosen this space for a reason too. A smart man doesn’t enter into a relationship due to such obscure reasons.

India Dating has come of age and men are seeking to date elder women. Many might have dated women of their age or below, many might had sour relations or trust issues before, but this is a completely new space with bright, new prospects. It’s exciting because the level of camaraderie won’t start as the way it used to. It won’t be cheeky or tacky, but once the dice rolls, I bet there’ll be no looking as the bond can surpass all your previous ones and exceed every expectation. So here are a few things that you need to keep in mind as you set forth to date an elder woman.




  • Remember she’s got her own life: So, don’t try to dupe her by fantasy words, or bluff, or try to impose your notions on her. If you gel well, these things can come naturally and it’s a natural amalgam. She has her career, her own friends, money, and by all means her apartment and car. You mustn’t do anything to show that you’re in a hurry to rob her that way, or you have come for her resources. A woman always likes attention, sincerity, and effort from her man. Make sure you don’t act in haste even if you have that slight avarice running down your brain cells.
  • Just another date: Try to make her comfortable. Don’t conceive an opinion that if she is well-off or affluent, she will take the initiative. Nothing changes really in the world of dating. As the man, you need to pull back the chair and ask her to sit down politely. Put the drinks in her glass and start talking smartly. If you show apprehension or fear, it is not good. There are women who try to make you comfortable, but you can sure take care of that in advance.
  • She can hold herself and perform: On many cases, women have bitter fallouts or past voids that have scarred them. If you know about them, no need to sympathize as she doesn’t like that fact. Rather, help her you to think that’s all past and the times were bad. Right now, you are the moment. Don’t bring back past glimpses or try to dig it up, or try to unravel things which she is not comfortable at. At least, spare your date for all these things. You need to know that she is matured enough and achieved to shun all those problems on her own. She doesn’t require a troubleshooter. Volunteering for that job can backfire, howsoever good the intention might be.

By all means, she is probably wiser than you and more matured. Don’t tell her things that she already knows or try to take her for a trip. That will spell disaster. In India Dating, make sure you don’t hurry up on anything. Just talk, dine, drink and nurture your camaraderie.

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