A guide to online dating: Beware of traps

Man is a social animal who is always looking for company and love. We as a species rely on company of like minded people to keep us in high spirits. Since time immortal, humans have always found various ways to find that one true love, with whom they would like to grow old and spend the rest of their life. This is especially true in case of our own country, India. If we look at our ancient texts and manuscripts, we often come across stories of lost and found love, which lasted for eternity. From the swayamwars of ancient times to the present day dating and marriage systems, we have come a long way. In today’s rapid age of digitization, even hearing about arranged marriages seems a bit regressive to some. Due to the job and career related constraints, maintaining a balance between personal and professional life seems like a tough task. Even taking out time to meet your beloved on everyday basis seems somewhat impossible.  Hence, in such a scenario, forums like online dating come across as a boon. It is a form of dating which has no time bound restrictions. You can even spend quality time chatting to the partner of your choice into the late night hours. However, like all things, this forum too comes with it’s own side effects. Often we come across news of people getting cheated and duped due to online dating. Despite all it’s benefits, online dating sadly, has become a breeding ground anti-social elements. From personal blackmail to financial loses, there are numerous kinds of booby traps that one can fall prey to while online dating. So, the question that arises in the mind of all is that is there any way, through which we can save ourselves from becoming a victim to online dating frauds? Well, as per cyber experts, there are certain things that one must keep in mind, to ensure safe online dating. These tips are as follows:

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  • Do not give person details initially: The first thing that one must keep in mind is to not divulge too much personal details to the person on the other side during the initial phase of dating. Take time to know the person well and only when you feel safe should you discuss anything about your personal life.
  • Never give out your financial details: Never give your financial details like bank account number, credit or debit card number etc. to the person on the other side. It can land you in a major soup later.
  • Never share personal photographs: Make sure never to share your personal as well as family pictures with the person whom you don’t know well. Such pictures can be morphed and used for anti-social work or even blackmail.
  • Do not share your address or phone number initially: till the time you are not sure whether the person on the other end is serious on pursuing the relationship, it is better not to share your address and phone number.

As they say that it is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, make it a point to follow online safety rules even while searching for your dating partner online. Best of  luck!

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