Beware of these kind of men on online dating sites

In the vast spectrum of online Indian Dating, women need to scrutinize their prospective partners meticulously early on during the dating process. You need to do this for avoiding ending up in a bitter relationship and other catastrophe. Many men may appear to be perfect just within a few weeks of dating. But if you inspect closely, there can be tell-tale signs of warning and other problems. It’s very important to recognize these signs of warning before things get out of hand. There is set of guys that you could avoid to make your dating experience much better and memorable.

online-dating rituals.jpg
  • The never changing man: This is the set-in-his man. Dating someone who doesn’t want to have or do anything new will effectuate a one-sided and boring relationship. Stop thinking that the guy will change eventually and accept your hobbies. Such men are bound to turn more rigid with time.
  • The dominating boss- The pick-after-me-man is nobody’s man. These guys expect you to clean up their plates, put the furniture in order, pick and iron the clothes and do every chore as if they are children. You need to be aware of these guys they will treat you as their mothers when work comes and then change that to servants as per situation.
  • The deal-dealing guy: The man who always cooks a deal are the ones who constantly fish for deals, offers and comment on rates much early on. These are signs that show that he will be cheap and narrow-minded throughout the relationship, trying to strike a deal on all matters.
  • The sports fanatic- While watching sports or playing them is definitely one of the best things, guys who need to watch them all the time can be a headache. Men should never trump their duties in a relationship due to their love of sports or anything else, or allow their self-interest to take precedence over the love. Experts’ advice women to avoid men with childish obsession for sports.
  • The restless guy: There are men who claim to get increasingly less romantic with every date. They proclaim this proudly or can just say it. Initially, most men try their best to impress women, but by the sixth or seventh, impatience, laziness or indifference start to creep in. Such changes in behavior can easily predict how this man will become two to three years down the road.
  • The phone person and irresolute ambitious mate: Guys who cling on to their phones and don’t come out of their gadget obsession will never give you importance or the love you deserve. They fine recourse and repose in machines and have a different view of life, which is artificial and mechanical. Also, men who don’t have proper ambition or shift from one goal to another too frequently are clearly to be avoided. They don’t know what they are doing and no girl wants to be with irresolute men.

The most crucial aspect in Indian Dating for women is that you must avoid men who are over-smart or have insidious advances. Avoid men who send lewd messages, pictures, and videos and ask you to send yours. Avoid men who ask you to become physical or drop a hint in that direction too soon. They are cheats.

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