Beware of these kind of women on online dating sites

Women are always steadfast and quick to assert or state what they don’t like or hate in men. They try to prove that it’s men who should try in keeping a relationship going. However, it’s a two-way traffic and men are not to be blamed always. Let’s face it, there are things women hate and there things that men hate in the fairer sex. The same contra-feeling transcends to the gamut of romance and dating. It comes from the same bout of likes and dislikes, interests and turnoffs and obviously trust issues. It’s wrong to say that by saying patriarchal society, you always put women in the realms of victimhood. The reality, men can suffer too and are suffering. Women can deceive and mislead to a far greater extent, both in online and offline dating.


In Indian Dating, men need to be aware of namesakes, flippant and greedy women who are out with a certain motive. There is no iota of being quixotic and having faith in someone whom you haven’t seen before or don’t know that well even if she is a beautiful woman.

  • Miss clingy- Thought to be every man’s fear, this type of ladies frequently states and verbalizes their desperation to get married. After marriage, they will have desperation for something and no one really knows what her problem is or where she’s trying to get to. Clinginess is a huge dash of possessiveness, insecurity and different self-esteem problems. Dating doesn’t mean marrying. You can regard that as a prelude to you romantic endeavors and men generally identify such women only when both come into a relationship.
  • Obscure identity or details- This holds true for both men and women. You must not indulge in giving more time to that woman who doesn’t reveal her identity properly or listen to your requests despite seeing or knowing about you fully. Women with other pictures or suspicious/unclear snapshots are most likely to fake accounts, trying to dupe you. In online Indian Dating, the first thing is to know the person properly. If you ask her to give a picture of Diwali, Eid, Christmas, New Year, friend’s wedding and she comes with a lot of excuses or tries to harp another tune and becomes hesitant, you will know the loop.
  • The over-inquisitive woman: While curiosity is a wonderful and natural facet of women, the ones with too much of it generally spell danger. Women who asks about your job, income, income opportunities, future plans in terms of finances and house or cars are surely the famous crafters. They are not dating you but dating your money or wealth. They are simply checking you out and you must avoid such women.
  • The honey trap- Well, this has been the quintessential favorite of all men baiters. Any woman, irrespective of her region, religion, creed or color, if she sends you controversial pictures or lewd messages, trying to entice you, simply avoid her or better yet, pull the curtains down.

Online dating is an interminable ambit and you need to stay away from those who ask money to recharge, buy some gadget or even talk about their ‘poor’ capacity all too soon. She is simply duping you and duping many others at the same time.

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