Planning a Classy Cocktail Party For a Tamil Wedding

If you want to throw a classy cocktail bash for your Tamil Matrimony without hosting a gala function of the season, the most important thing is to stick to basics. While celebrating the merry occasion is exciting and fun, cocktail parties tend to get a little expensive. While many people tend to go overboard with the preparations, the idea is to start with the simple things. First is to determine the number of your guests. Always remember that your invitees for engagement and cocktail party are a must for your main wedding. So, choose your guest list wisely.

One of the central things to look for is food and décor, lights, venue and food and beverages. Here’s how to chic and simple.

couple in middle east
  • Guest list and invitation: A printed, formal invite is something you don’t need. They are indeed a lovely touch. They are not necessarily synced with social media mechanisms. These are casual get together. In case you have to cut your budget as per time frame, this might be the apt place to make your score. These are viable ideas if your invitee list is small. Pertaining to the guest list context, don’t invite a person that you won’t to your wedding. If a couple doesn’t set their wedding invite list, you can stick to family and close friends. The idea is to be safe.
  • The décor: If you want to throw an easygoing, welcoming party, your décor doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. Just hang a chain of string lights or hanging lanterns across the lawn or patio. You can also hang them in your living room. Buy a floral arrangement to make the entry gateway. You can also make a chalkboard signage or two. For those who’re die-hard fans of the popular DIY, you could perennially find a cheap, casual, but statement-creating project. The best example is heart balloons.
  • Fun activities: You need to remember that a cocktail party of your Tamil Matrimony is not like a typical bridal shower. Nobody expects games in these ceremonies. However, in case you think that a mere conversation may be insufficient to entertain the guests, you can always create a few activities to create some other platforms. It’s always good to break out from the jinx if you face emergencies. You can opt for bar-style or themed trivia games. The games can feature the love story of the couple. You can have the game on backyard’s background. Karaoke is always a great idea.
  • Food and drink: This is the place where you spend your cash, the moolah. Just keep it simple. For those wanting to serve alcohol, you can stick to wine and beer. Just ensure you set a proper party theme to coordinate with your budget. For instance, if you want to serve little bites, you mustn’t host the function around the time of meals. Out it after dinner or at mid-afternoon.

Affordable and creative can be stuff like meatballs, spaghetti, green salad with baked potato slices, munchies and hamburgers, or cornbread and chili.

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