Giving a Modern Twist To Some Pre Wedding Rituals Of a Kerala Wedding

India is a beautiful land of customs, traditions and celebrations of different cultural. You see each of these vividly in different Indian marriages. When you look at Kerala matrimony closely, you will see that it’s a fine specimen of wonderful age-old rituals and rites. The people follow them with elegance and simplicity. As with all other Hindu weddings, there are definite pre-wedding rituals in Kerala weddings. These are short and sweet ceremonies to mark the conjugal journey of the couple. You can call it a prelude to the main wedding rituals that take place after a while.

Overall, Kerala weddings are strikingly short. They are rightly called blink and miss affairs that start in the morning and finish within afternoon. Often, you have guests heading straight to the dining space if they arrive late. Such is the brevity of things in these weddings. Here’s how you can spice of the pre-wedding set.

Sangeet Ceremony
  • Engagement or Nishchyam ceremony: Usually, an engagement takes place at the bride’s abode where both the families come together and the astrologer selects an auspicious date for the wedding. There is a peculiar tradition in this ceremony. The groom and the bride are not present in the scheme of things. The ceremony culminates into the grand meal of Sadya. It’s traditional and sumptuous Malyalee food served on banana leaf.
  • Spicing it up: Okay, here’s where you can pull some strings. When you know that girl and boy can’t be present there as per customs, you can sure have them in it through video conference or phone call. In that way, their involvement will be very visible. Some people can play little pranks too. You can call the boy or girl and tell a false date, a day when he or she is unavailable, have an office trip or other serious professional obligation. Say that’s unavoidable. Just when panic is about set in, unfurl the flag and tell the real date. On some occasions, you can allow the boy and girl to talk to one another about the date in the presence of their respective families. Let this happen over video call.
  • Thaleluarieduva: It’s a short ceremony that takes place separately at the groom’s family and bride’s family respectively. It takes either on the D-day or the day before. It’s the great occasion where family members and elders arrive to bless the would-be couple. They pour clean, raw rice on their heads to mark prosperity and wealth.
  • Spicing it up: One thing you need to remember is that in Kerala matrimony, there’s not much room to tamper with the rituals or customize. The people are rooted to their culture and are very serious about the customs. They are pious and very spiritual. What you can do is improvise. While they pour rice on the head, pour some coins and candies too later on. Pick gifts are dear to the couple.

Such presents will show that the elders don’t want the couple to lose their childhood favorites or the best things after marriage and that they remember those things.

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