5 things to look out in a prospective bride for your son

Parents really have a tough time in finding the best girl for their son. Finding a prospective bride, who will be beautiful, charismatic, energetic, responsible and respectable, is what every parent embarks upon when they want to get their beloved son married. For the single men, it’s the parents who undertake the responsibility of arranging their son’s marriage and doing what’s best for him. They take the recourse of reputable sites like shadi.com to find a prospective bride.

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The problem arises when there’s a clash of interests. Most parents tend to forget that their prism of their son’s welfare may not tally with the guy’s prism of his welfare and happiness. So, striking a balance between both is your first directive before hitting the search pitch.

  • Understanding and nature: As much as some of you’d beg to disagree, it’s not beauty and looks that hold precedence in this case. Parents want that girl who can not only respect the son, but also understand and respect them too. It’s the dream of every mother and father to have water and tea from their son’s wife’s hands. Every parent really craves for that day and it’s indeed a sweet and satisfying feeling. You need to make sure that the girl is ever willing to accept you as her parents too, love the home as much as she loves and loves your son truly. Once there is real love, all will follow suit.
  • Dignity, elegance and outward charm: Once of the inner demeanor is settled, the girl’s outward aspects take center stage. Who doesn’t want their daughter-in-law to be pretty, beautiful and appealing. For most parents, the feeling is like they are bringing a diamond for their son. A lot of dreams and planning go into this search and you just need to ensure that you don’t go overboard in your quest for beauty and elegance. Always strive for a balance.
  • Good and bad qualities: It’s too early to call someone’s positive and negative traits. However, what most parents look for is a girl who can cook. Now, it’s not an impractical or ridiculous thing to think of. They do have the right to ask their daughter-in-law to serve them some tea or food. It’s actually a beautiful feeling to eat out of the hands of your son’s daughter. You can know if she can cook what her preferences are and what or how she intends to adjust in the house. The problem arises when the in-laws turn hostile to her feelings or become authoritative. Remember you’re bringing a daughter to the house and not a maid. It’s too wrong to expect maid’s service from her. What you can do is join her in works, teach her all household duties and shoulder the tasks. She will lovingly do it herself if you give her the warmth and love. You can ask those things in com only.
  • Know and respect her ambition: If the girl wants to pursue higher studies, don’t become a canker in her path.

It’s 21 century and she is entitled to her education. Rather, encourage her and help her in her professional pursuits.

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