Menu ideas for a typical Muslim Wedding

You all have or had that Muslim kid in college or school who used to bring lip-smacking mutton biriyani for meals or lunch. Generally, with every other individual getting married and logging onto social media, you’re not baffled to find a Kabir’s/Rehan’s/Muhammad’s wedding invite and pictures showing up in your news feed, timeline or inbox as well. And since, it’s too easy to remember that one of the best things of Muslim Matrimony and weddings is that yummy, sumptuous food and feast, here is what you can do to spice it up even more.

muslim wedding food.jpg

You need to know that while every wedding feast is not for the fitness freak person, Muslim weddings tend to cross all limits with the dosage of ghee and butter exceeding human comprehension. The regalia of the meals is very high and here’s what you can expect from a Typical Muslim wedding menu.

  • Seekh Kababs: It refers to mutton or minced meat of lamb. They mix the meat of ground goat with select spices before molding and mincing them into proper skewers. They then cook it on the hot tawa or tandoor. It makes for an awesome started at Muslim weddings. Serve it some onion and lettuce to enrich the feel.
  • Boti kabab: Another mutton/lamb Mughlai dish that is always a perfect starter is the boti kabab sensation. It involves the entire muscle meat as you marinate it intensely before grilling or baking it on the barbeque. You can serve it with some quality green chutney as well. You can make the kabab with beef too.
  • Bheja Fry: Many Muslim families opt for this food item. Bheja means brain in Hindi. This is actually a succulent recipe where the animal’s brain is removed first. They then fry it herbs and spices. You can stop sulking or cringing after knowing this because the taste is heavenly. It tastes best with pav or roti.
  • Murgh Mughali: Not a typical feature, but this chicken dish originating from the Mughals is delicious. It’s creamy, rich and flavored with top-class whole, aromatic spices.
  • Nalli Nihari: Another mutton curry variation and the word Nihar comes Arabic Nahar, which means day. The recipe is literally kingly. You make the gravy from slow-cooked lamb leg pieces alongside its nalli or marrow bones. Sometimes, they also serve it with bheja fry.
  • Malai kofta: Finally, a dish sans a meat! Well, today’s Muslim Matrimony and weddings are just as cosmopolitan as the other communities. This dish entails mashed paneer and mashed potato balls. You fry them deeply and coat them in malai or cream, before dipping the same in tomato-onion gravy.
  • Shahi and regular mutton/chicken biriyani: Now, this is the customary one. Heavenly as it tastes, it’s the quintessential feature in all Muslim weddings. A rice and light-orange goat based recipe that entails a royal mix of nuts, meat, spices and herbs.

You have desserts like phirni and sheer korma ruling the roost. The latter is an extremely yummy, dairy-based vermicelli food. It’s a pudding that is flavored with different types of fancy ingredients like dried dates, rose water, saffron etc to make the taste out of the world.

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