Menu ideas for a typical Muslim Wedding

You all have or had that Muslim kid in college or school who used to bring lip-smacking mutton biriyani for meals or lunch. Generally, with every other individual getting married and logging onto social media, you’re not baffled to find a Kabir’s/Rehan’s/Muhammad’s wedding invite and pictures showing up in your news feed, timeline or inbox as well. And since, it’s too easy to remember that one of the best things of Muslim Matrimony and weddings is that yummy, sumptuous food and feast, here is what you can do to spice it up even more.

muslim wedding food.jpg

You need to know that while every wedding feast is not for the fitness freak person, Muslim weddings tend to cross all limits with the dosage of ghee and butter exceeding human comprehension. The regalia of the meals is very high and here’s what you can expect from a Typical Muslim wedding menu.

  • Seekh Kababs: It refers to mutton or minced meat of lamb. They mix the meat of ground goat with select spices before molding and mincing them into proper skewers. They then cook it on the hot tawa or tandoor. It makes for an awesome started at Muslim weddings. Serve it some onion and lettuce to enrich the feel.
  • Boti kabab: Another mutton/lamb Mughlai dish that is always a perfect starter is the boti kabab sensation. It involves the entire muscle meat as you marinate it intensely before grilling or baking it on the barbeque. You can serve it with some quality green chutney as well. You can make the kabab with beef too.
  • Bheja Fry: Many Muslim families opt for this food item. Bheja means brain in Hindi. This is actually a succulent recipe where the animal’s brain is removed first. They then fry it herbs and spices. You can stop sulking or cringing after knowing this because the taste is heavenly. It tastes best with pav or roti.
  • Murgh Mughali: Not a typical feature, but this chicken dish originating from the Mughals is delicious. It’s creamy, rich and flavored with top-class whole, aromatic spices.
  • Nalli Nihari: Another mutton curry variation and the word Nihar comes Arabic Nahar, which means day. The recipe is literally kingly. You make the gravy from slow-cooked lamb leg pieces alongside its nalli or marrow bones. Sometimes, they also serve it with bheja fry.
  • Malai kofta: Finally, a dish sans a meat! Well, today’s Muslim Matrimony and weddings are just as cosmopolitan as the other communities. This dish entails mashed paneer and mashed potato balls. You fry them deeply and coat them in malai or cream, before dipping the same in tomato-onion gravy.
  • Shahi and regular mutton/chicken biriyani: Now, this is the customary one. Heavenly as it tastes, it’s the quintessential feature in all Muslim weddings. A rice and light-orange goat based recipe that entails a royal mix of nuts, meat, spices and herbs.

You have desserts like phirni and sheer korma ruling the roost. The latter is an extremely yummy, dairy-based vermicelli food. It’s a pudding that is flavored with different types of fancy ingredients like dried dates, rose water, saffron etc to make the taste out of the world.

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Making a Muslim Wedding elegant on a low budget

If you want a simple and traditional Muslim Matrimony, but are caught up in inhibitions like “what will my family and friends think”, “need to have that”, you will be soaked in an emotional and heavy roller coaster. There’s side to you that wants things to be inexpensive and simple. And on the other, you and your heart keeps tugging to making it fancy and swanky. Now, come to reality. You can always have things within reason and limits, but not everything. You need to make every decision with a simple question to your family and spouse, “it is necessary or just nice?” There’s no need to impress because weddings are not a platform to show off.


You can offload enormous stress by cutting down the costs of many things that may have appeared important to you till now.

  • Cut your guest list: That’s just so elementary, isn’t it? Cut the numbers, cut it again and again because it’s easy for your attendee list to fluctuate and bloat. You need to remember that your wedding cost is proportional to the number and size of your guests. So, cut any extras, the couple, and the kids when you need only the one. There’s no point in scratching your hair over the nice-to-have things. It’s futile to think about people who don’t really count or won’t care either.
  • Cut down the venue costs: Avoid the swanky hotel or the fancy banquet/reception hall in favor of warm outdoors or a nice home space. In percentage, the reception caters to most people, which make the biggest hole in your wedding budget. You can slash it by organizing your reception or walima in spacious home of a friend or relative. You can also conduct it in the outdoors like park, garden or another venue.
  • The catering part: You can cut down the catering expenses by doing a potluck here. You have family members or friends with great cooking talent in the kitchen. Assign them the task of making some dishes and they will gladly do it. As you provide the ingredients for the recipes, the pals or relatives will be honored to pitch in. You can imbibe the one dish thumb rule. It means one appetizer followed by a main course meal and one dessert. For those using caterers, you will find that buffet is way cheaper than the conventional and formal sit on chair meal system.
  • Economize on flowers: Another element that involves a large expense in your Muslim Matrimony is that floral décor and arrangement. Curb the florist costs and get a simple bouquet for your bride. You can raid your friends or family gardens or lawns and get roses and other flowers. Cut and trim the flowers from their thorns, and put them in proper vases. You can also go to dollar stores and other dedicated outlets for candles, vases, lanterns and other accessories.
  • Online invitations: There’s no need to personally visit your guests and invite them. You have e-cards/e-vites. Use hand design cards and copy them.

You can also use digital postcards from popular sites.

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5 things to look out in a prospective bride

Before reading further, you need to remember that love means loyalty and commitment. Love it commitment and when you love someone, you actually commit yourself to that person. Physical attraction can often cloud your senses and judgment, causing you to take decisions solely based on some feelings. You need to be dangerous and armed while dating. The wise man will plan ahead of these things by keeping certain crucial traits in mind while making a decision on their Mrs Right. If you’re finding your bride through sites like, you have the time and bandwidth to meet and know that person in depth.

muslim kerala

While society mainly ponders on what a woman wants from her prospective husband, the men to have their share of questions and wants that they seek in their prospective bride. Here are five such things.

  • Respect: Watch how she treats people. Make sure you notice her behavior when you go to an eatery. The way she treats the server when he’s late speaks volumes about her temperament. It has proven to be a big indicator of the type and design of her heart. Remember, that’s how she will treat you and your family after the long haul. Everyone wants a wife who esteems and values you. Respect is both mutual and self. Apart from respecting you and understanding you, she needs to respect herself as well. A woman without self-respect is vulnerable to many insinuations and pricks from conniving relatives and outsiders. She shouldn’t be gullible to doubt you or cast aspersions on you. She needs to sort things out directly with you.
  • Adjustment: Adjustment doesn’t mean being compatible with you or coping with your omissions and commissions. If you live with your parents or other elders, your prospective wife needs to adjust to that setup. It is certainly difficult if the girl is the only child of her parent and is born and brought in a nuclear family setting. However, adjustment is the key here. Notice her behavior in small rooms, improper hotels, and wrong seats and see how she can compromise. Her stand and stance matter a lot in this regard.
  • Unconditional love: While it applies to both the sexes, the woman’s version is mostly skipped or rather taken for granted. In today’s times, it’s not the case and men have every right to figure out if the wife will love him forever and the way she does now. There are many things that make a man attractive and desirable to a woman. There’s a famous saying, ‘the sex appeal of a man lies in his pocket’. While that’s largely a half-baked concept, some of it is certainly. A girl, who marries you for money, will have nothing to do with and may eventually leave you if that money goes kaput someday. These are vested interests and you need to be aware of gold diggers.
  • Intentions and acts: See if your girl does certain things out of their heart’s kindness or if that’s sheer opportunism. One who does good things expecting nothing in return is actually a great person to live with. You can take the help of com to talk frequently with your partner.

Another important thing is her willingness to conceive. While some in the west might consider it as redundant, in India and most other countries, a large part of marriage is still about taking your love and generation forward through your kids. Make sure you know your woman’s mind on that before marrying her.

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Marriage Dating advise from the Matchmaking Gurus

Besides giving you the chance to know and bond with your arranged marriage partner, it helps you to see and understand the manners, etiquette and other behavioral patterns. You can see how he/her behaves while interacting with the opposite sex or with people from higher or lower rankers and just about anyone. Marriage Dating is an epoch-making landmark in India as it helps two persons to understand each other’s virtues, vices, tastes and preferences in the most comprehensive manner. There’s no need to hasten things or to jump to conclusions when the guy or girl behaves in a manner you don’t like or don’t understand.

Marriage Dating

The sole purpose of this format of dating is to give you a chance and bandwidth to observe each sign and show what you mean other than just tell them. That’d be indicative of the mindset your partner extends towards you and the ones near to you. Matchmaking Gurus always opine that arrogance can never be plus. Spilling the sauce while the guy eats or blowing his nose is also done prudent.

  • Insight into your partner’s life: Well, this is a courtship period. It has happened in India before but didn’t have a parlance or hype attached to it. You share tastes, dreams, narrate your school anecdotes, childhood experiences, share your crushes and get to know her college and school pranks, then tell her about your friends and family while she tells you about hers. It’s an endless list and if people do it, you can also tread the dangerous paths of your past.
  • Revisiting your past: It’s the only time you can hark back to your past safely and not return gloomily. Needless to say, our past does have a role in conditioning our present and entails a terrifying ability to impact our future. Regardless of the amount of painful experiences you had in the past, or the number of times it was painted with merry hues, it’s vital to share those with your to-be fiancé or spouse.
  • When reality beckons- This is the perfect time and space to get real about you. It helps you to conductively appropriate the situation and help move forward to craft a bright future. You get to know your partner a lot better. You know where he or she is coming and where you both are headed.
  • Asking or anything or stopping: You have the scope to pop a question regarding any issue or person that has vexing you for a long time. It can make you apprehensive about your imminent future. It merits some serious answers and it shall help you make a call. By all means, they may be the answers you’ve always expected or the ideal answers you’ve looking for. They can also be even answers or those that you dreaded. You make a choice here because you have the freedom and leverage to do so.

Marriage Dating gives you the perfect window of opportunity to be aware of your own feelings as well. It’s perhaps the most important part of the approach that makes you go more heartedly for your partner.

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Do’s and Don’ts for a girl while dating a Punjabi boy

Girls always like to hang out with boys rather than with other girls. There are strong reasons about this. Guys don’t have any shit gossiping to do, there is no jealousy and drama. They are nice enough to be good friends. They will hold you and protect whenever you need them. Especially if the guy is a ‘Punjabi Munda’ then the chances of perfect dating increases. Punjabi guys are so nice and sweet that Punjabi Dating with these guys is so much fun.


geeta basra 2.jpg


They are so cool that even if you are dating them, they will not expect much from you. Punjabi Dating with such a cool guy is like a dream come true!

A Punjabi guy is simple as any other guy. You can do some certain things to cheer him up while you are on a date with him. Some of them are:

Cook food for him:  Yes you get it right! Punjabis are a big foodie. The way to a Punjabi guy’s heart and even his soul is through the stomach. Every Punjabi like a certain type of foods like Makki ki Roti with Sarso ka Sag, Kadi Chawl, Rajma Chawl, drinks like Lassi, Kesar Milk, Thandai and deserts like Kheer, Faluda, and Kulfi etc. Cook something for him and give him a surprise

Be happy: If a boy really loves you, there are some things which cheer him up more than anything in the world and the most important thing is your smiling and happy face. Just laugh and be happy when you are with him. It will give him immeasurable strength.

Sing any Punjabi song for him: These guys are very fond of Punjabi music. Just memorize some lines of any meaningful Punjabi song. Sing it and see his reaction. If you start understanding or liking the language then you both can listen together. This may help both of you to be full of enthusiasm.

There are also certain things that can frustrate him while dating. You should never do these things. Some of them include:

Don’t be fake: Punjabis do not like fake people. They really like honest girls. Be honest with him. Just be what you are. Being fake can dishearten him. You can share your feelings, your thoughts and your problems with them. They will understand and help you to solve them.

Never comment on his looks: Punjabi guys are really possessive about their looks. Don’t give any negative comment on his looks. Your negative comment will really hurt him.

Don’t mention your ex: No boy will like it if you keep mentioning your ex while you are with him. Do not compare him with your ex even in jokes. Never expect him to be like your ex.

Don’t talk about old issues: Do not bring those issues again between both of you that are closed. If you forgave him for some issue then don’t mention it in your talks while dating. It will really frustrate him.

These are some do’s and don’ts while dating you should give heed if your guy is a Punjabi guy.

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Do’s and don’ts for a boy while dating a Punjabi girl

Punjabi Dating with a beautiful Punjabi girl is like a dream come true for every boy. Punjabi girls are admired everywhere because of their beauty, their long black hairs, fair color, good height and their proper patola look. They look gorgeous in every attire.


Punjabi Bride


Here are some do’s and don’ts for you while dating a Punjabi girl. Let’s have a look on them:


Girls always love surprises. Give her surprises. Arrange a candle light dinner, put on some music, make her feel special and give her lovely gifts.

Although she has a very strong personality, yet she is very emotional and sensitive. You should know how to handle her emotions. Always respect her feelings. Always admire her personality. Being a Punjaban, she always achieves what she wants.

A Punjabi girl is open-minded, frank and outspoken. She always expects from her guy that he will understand her feelings.Understand her and always make her feel important

Punjabis are big foodies. Search for the best eating places in the town.  Always take her out to eat different style of food.

They are enthusiastic and fun loving. They expect from their guys to be like that. So, always try to do something new. Be enthusiastic.

She likes people with good sense of humor. Be like that and make her laugh at any situation. Crack good jokes to amuse her.

Always respect her family. Though she is a fun loving girl but she will never listen to something wrong about her loved ones.

A Punjabi girl likes doing adventurous tasks. She loves bullets, car and jeep rides. Take her for long drives on your bullet to enjoy your date to the fullest.

Punjabis are party animals and so are the girls. Do late night parties and have fun. But remember, don’t try to cross your limits. A girl always likes the guy with whom she can feel safe. Hold her and protect her if she is not in her consciousness. She will really this behavior of yours!

She mixes up with everyone even she is meeting with someone for the first time. Always admire this quality of hers.


Never do any show off in front of her. Punjabi girls really don’t like this. This is the major thing which you have to keep in mind in Punjabi Dating.

Don’t be fake in front of her. Be the original you. It will help to make your bond strong.

Girls like the guys on whom they can trust. So be trustworthy for her.

Punjabi girls have their self-respect. Never make fun of her emotions in any way. Never do things which can hurt her self-respect.

Always be a good hearted man for her. Don’t do bad talks in front of her. Never use abusive language when you are with her.

Don’t compare her to your ex, even don’t talk about your ex in front of her. Never expect her to be like your ex. All people have their own individuality after all!

Never talk about forgiven things and old fights. It can spoil her mood as well your date.

Always pay heed to these do’s and don’ts while dating a Punjabi girl. Do efforts to make your date perfect. Happy dating!

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Do’s and don’ts for a girl while dating an Indian boy

Indian men are a little bit complex. You must have heard several platitudes about them and most of them are true. You can never understand them fully.

If you are dating and Indian man, your Hindi dating will have a whole different story. It can be tricky and dangerous at the same time.




Dating an Indian man has some challenges and when you both are from a different cultural background than challenges can be more. The objective of Hindi Dating is to have an engaging conversation and to know your partner better.

In a relationship, there are some general things which are entitled as Dos and Don’ts. Those should be kept in mind while dating an Indian boy.


Indian boys are often concerned about the dresses of girls. Dress accordingly to the local standards of the place. If you are going to Goa with him, you can wear shorts and tank tops but same is not applicable in small cities, as Goa is much more modern than other places. If you wear such things at these places, you will attract the wrong sort of attention that will be not acceptable by Indian boys.

Ask about his hobbies, interests, his taste for movies/books etc. This type of conversation will help you, people, to open up.  If you can make him enjoy talking, pat your back as you’d strike the best chord.

Don’t hesitate if he asks about your life, career plans, family etc. If you do, it will make him so uncomfortable in front of you. He will never ask about your life.

An Indian boy possesses protective nature for his girl. Feel safe with him and don’t worry.  He will protect you anyway. Show trust on him. It will make him feel good.

As Indian culture is full of traditions, Indian boys also have traditionally beliefs. Do something of Indian culture like sometimes wear traditional dresses etc. It will impress him.


Don’t get irritated if his mother starts calling him around 10:00 pm. Most Indian young boys live with their parents. So it is expected that his mother will worry about him and call him to make sure that he is okay.

Don’t expect to be introduced to his family very soon. Indian parents have typical thoughts about love marriage. They don’t accept easily if their son has any girlfriend of another culture.

Don’t be shocked if people stare at both of you. Interracial couples are uncommon in India.

Don’t ask him about his past relationships too much. It can turn his mood off. Don’t start any topic of your past boyfriends while you are dating.  Don’t ask too many questions to him. He will not like a one-way conversation. Have a relaxed, natural conversation. It will make your date wonderful. Don’t ask too much about his professional life.

Everyone doesn’t have the same beliefs and attitudes. Attitude and perspective towards any subject vary according to culture. It’s all about cultural differences. Take time and give time. Have patience! Don’t do anything in hurry. Your actions can be misconceived.

Pay heed to these dos and don’ts while dating an Indian boy. It will surely help you to make your dates perfect.

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Do’s and Don’ts for a boy while dating an Indian girl

There is actually no rulebook to define the do’s and don’ts of dating an Indian girl but there are few things that you should keep in your mind while Hindi Dating. Pay heed to them to make your date the perfect one. There are some doings that will impress her while some others can destroy your date which you should never do. Figure out these deeds by reading this article:




The first thing to do is making her feel comfortable and special. Do special things to make her happy. Show your care towards her. Indian girls really like the guys who are possessive about them. Accept her for what she is. Do not expect her to be fake and put on makeup every time just because she is with. You should also show her your real personality. Don’t be fake just to impress her. In Hindi Dating, there is nothing more relaxing for a man than looking into her eyes and be the real personality, and for a woman, there is nothing more adorable than his guy being himself.

The venue is one of the most important aspects of any date. And when it comes to Indian girls, they really like decorated places and surprises. Decorate the place with flowers and balloons Arrange candle light dinner and give her lovely surprise. Believe me, she will really be happy!
Talk about your past relationships if you had any. Opening up about the past makes women comfortable to speak about theirs too.  There is nothing wrong in this. After all that was passed! But remember don’t overdo this. Enjoy your present relationship instead.

Be the guy who is confident enough about his looks. Don’t dress like a party clown. Just be casual. It’s a date, not a party!

An Indian girl faces some problems in her house as some Indian families are conservative for girls till date. If this is the same problem with her also, then try to understand her problems. Make her reach home before it gets dark. Don’t force her to hang out at night.

It’s fine to be little nervous, but it’s really not okay to do weird things because of nervousness. You need not try very hard to impress her. Be normal like you always do. Try to be a gentleman. Be conversational and casual. Your date should not seem like a job interview.

Do not ask her what dishes she can make while you are dating her. Don’t ask recipe of any dish on your date for heaven’s sake! They are not meant to do all these chores only. Instead, ask her about her career aspirations and dreams.

Do not get too personal. Don’t ever ask her if she is a virgin. It really not matters even if you are still. Trust me! Virginity is over- rated.

Always respect her individuality. She is a person with her own opinions, thoughts, beliefs, dreams and aspirations. Don’t underestimate her. She is the girl of the modern era and can do anything that you can do! Sometimes it can be better as well.

If she is not comfortable around a lot of people, avoid crowded places. Try not to drink in front of her if she is a typical Indian girl. Avoid bars, nothing worse can happen than messing up your date and letting her carry you home.

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Dating tips for dating in a social media generation

The world has become a small platform. While sitting in the privacy of your room, with your lappy in your lap and a mug of coffee in your hand, you now have the power to roam around the world in a matter of minutes, rather seconds! This is the power of the internet. What started as a form of convenience has now taken over our lives. From making a simple class project to making new friends, all aspects of our lives are dependent on it. Even our relationships have been affected by it in present times. With the coming up of social networking sites like Facebook, Tinder, twitter etc., today’s busy generation finds it convenient to form relations with unknown people, in the comfort of their home. It has, to an extent, taken the form of addiction and has definitely become a big thing in the USA dating arena. From being in a relationship to getting engaged and married, everything has to be announced on social networking sites. Anything otherwise is taken as bad social etiquettes! So with the social media taking over our dating scene, there are certain things we must keep in mind while going out with someone we met over the net:

  • Research about the person thoroughly: The first and most important thing to do is to research about a person thoroughly before meeting him or her in person. It is very easy to create fake social media ID’s and fool people. Only when you are very sure about the person at the other end, fix up the date.
  • Be alert on the first date: When you meet an online friend for the first time for a date, be very alert. If possible, then tag along with a friend. Make sure to tell people close to you about whom you are meeting and where are you meeting him or her. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Don’t become an online stalker: Once you have met the person are sure about him or her, then sit back and relax. There is just no need to keep a track of his timeline all the time. Don’t stalk him online at any cost!
  • Don’t make your timeline a bulletin board: OK, with god’s grace, you have been lucky in love and have found an apt life partner online. But this certainly does not mean that you need to announce it to the whole world via your Facebook page! This way, not only are you letting the whole world have a sneak peek into your private life, but also making a joke out of yourself.
  • Never breakup online: There may be chances that your relationship doesn’t work out. In such a case, make sure to break up in person, in a dignified way. Don’t make it a public announcement by putting it up as a status on social media. This will not only ruin the reputation of the other half but yours as well.

With changing times, it is better to accept and embrace the change. However, it is important to keep certain things in check, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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Top dating advice to women from men

Dating is one of the most fun aspects of a relationship. It is that phase of your life when you are young and free from all the hardships and challenges that life might put you across in future. It is a time when you can freely meet new people, go out with them and get to know them more. Who knows, one of these people might just turn out to be your soul mate with whom you are destined to spend the rest of your lives! But hey, till then, enjoy yourself to the fullest! When we talk in particular about the USA dating scene, both the men and women stand on an equal pedestal, with both having the right to choose the guy or girl they want to date. However, since time immortal, there are certain stereotypes that get tagged along with dating, with different rules for men and women. While it is believed that it is the man’s role to be the protector, it is the woman who should be pampered. But have we ever heard the man’s side of the story? Well, it is high time that we do. We went around and made an ultimate collection of tips and pieces of advice that Men have for their women counterparts when they take her out on a date:

  • Be honest: Men really like honest women. So when out on a date, please be yourself. For example, you don’t need to wear a dress that you are uncomfortable instead of your comfy pair of jeans, just to make an impression.  Never try to be something that you are not when out on a date.
  • Be open about your choices: Kindly tell your partner openly about your choice of restaurant, movies, food, likes, dislikes etc. It helps men be better prepared for dates.
  • Be a good listener: well, we fully know that women like to talk, but we men might have something to say as well. So kindly listen to what we have to say as well. At times, being a good listener can lead to better things in future.
  • Don’t read between lines: Men are simple people, who generally don’t mince their words. They call a spade, a spade. So don’t bother to read between lines and try to find double meanings behind what your date says. Respect his opinion.
  • Don’t over-research: this applies especially when you are going out for the first time. Please don’t over research about your date like his food likings, drink preferences etc. While it may seem flattering at first, but might scare him later. You might even be labeled a stalker!
  • Offer to pay: Women loved being called empowered, but when it comes to paying the bill, they forget all about financial independence and allow the men to pay. This is grossly wrong. We are not telling you to fight over the cheques, but at least offer to pay. If not fully, then at least offer to share the date expenses.

So there you have it ladies! Advice direct from the horse’s mouth! Follow these tips and you’ll be the most popular girl in town! Enjoy!

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