How tough it is for small town youngsters to date

There are very large numbers of online dating sites that are working in the online mode. There are some sites that are solely operating for making profit. Many individuals are not yet satisfied with results that are obtained with the assistance of these online free and paid dating sources. Therefore, there is a requirement to find get effective dating services that should be of immense use to reduce all these types of issues that are experienced by you being a user of a small town.


Many of such small town guys and youngsters are able to reduce all these types of issues in an easy way as an option of selecting a better alternative always exist on these types of websites that will be offering you reliable and reputed services. Here we will be discussing about how tough it is for small town youngsters to date with an Indian Dating Sites.

Why it is so tough for small town youngsters to date via online mode

More and more small town youngsters are facing the issue that they don’t have sufficient time to get a potential partner in the prevailing way, namely in bars, in public events or in clubs.

As the world of internet has become wider, smaller town youngsters are lonely and are using various types’ opportunities of online dating to get to know a perfect girl or boy. Small town youngsters can even arrange a date in usual times or in usual places after meeting online on an Indian Dating Sites.

There exist several dating online issues from small town youngsters since there is a certain deficiency of transparency among certain associates when the facility obtained finished less quality. Therefore, an option of option the dating facility that will proposal the best systems will surely be of excessive use.

What are some common and normal issues that will always persist for small town youngsters?

Some of the common and normal issues that will always persist for small town youngsters are illustrated below.

Some low quality dating sites will make use of websites artificially generated that will incite unnatural talks with small town youngsters. This will make these small town youngsters to fall missing from their ultimate aim getting a girl of their dreams. Hence it is so tough for small town youngsters to date

The other common and normal issues that will always persist for small town youngsters and that are being experienced by others also involves higher fees that has been charged by these online dating service providers. Complete information of a person will also be an impossible thing to acquire in such cases. Wrong details of a particular guy have also been found to be shown in some cases on an Indian Dating Sites.

A proper stage of precaution should be taken by small town youngsters to identify the ultimate source that will offer everything that has been expected by them. Select a service provider that had been there around for years and is very well trusted will be the smartest thing to be done.

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Beware of these kind of women on online dating sites

Women are always steadfast and quick to assert or state what they don’t like or hate in men. They try to prove that it’s men who should try in keeping a relationship going. However, it’s a two-way traffic and men are not to be blamed always. Let’s face it, there are things women hate and there things that men hate in the fairer sex. The same contra-feeling transcends to the gamut of romance and dating. It comes from the same bout of likes and dislikes, interests and turnoffs and obviously trust issues. It’s wrong to say that by saying patriarchal society, you always put women in the realms of victimhood. The reality, men can suffer too and are suffering. Women can deceive and mislead to a far greater extent, both in online and offline dating.


In Indian Dating, men need to be aware of namesakes, flippant and greedy women who are out with a certain motive. There is no iota of being quixotic and having faith in someone whom you haven’t seen before or don’t know that well even if she is a beautiful woman.

  • Miss clingy- Thought to be every man’s fear, this type of ladies frequently states and verbalizes their desperation to get married. After marriage, they will have desperation for something and no one really knows what her problem is or where she’s trying to get to. Clinginess is a huge dash of possessiveness, insecurity and different self-esteem problems. Dating doesn’t mean marrying. You can regard that as a prelude to you romantic endeavors and men generally identify such women only when both come into a relationship.
  • Obscure identity or details- This holds true for both men and women. You must not indulge in giving more time to that woman who doesn’t reveal her identity properly or listen to your requests despite seeing or knowing about you fully. Women with other pictures or suspicious/unclear snapshots are most likely to fake accounts, trying to dupe you. In online Indian Dating, the first thing is to know the person properly. If you ask her to give a picture of Diwali, Eid, Christmas, New Year, friend’s wedding and she comes with a lot of excuses or tries to harp another tune and becomes hesitant, you will know the loop.
  • The over-inquisitive woman: While curiosity is a wonderful and natural facet of women, the ones with too much of it generally spell danger. Women who asks about your job, income, income opportunities, future plans in terms of finances and house or cars are surely the famous crafters. They are not dating you but dating your money or wealth. They are simply checking you out and you must avoid such women.
  • The honey trap- Well, this has been the quintessential favorite of all men baiters. Any woman, irrespective of her region, religion, creed or color, if she sends you controversial pictures or lewd messages, trying to entice you, simply avoid her or better yet, pull the curtains down.

Online dating is an interminable ambit and you need to stay away from those who ask money to recharge, buy some gadget or even talk about their ‘poor’ capacity all too soon. She is simply duping you and duping many others at the same time.

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Beware of these kind of men on online dating sites

In the vast spectrum of online Indian Dating, women need to scrutinize their prospective partners meticulously early on during the dating process. You need to do this for avoiding ending up in a bitter relationship and other catastrophe. Many men may appear to be perfect just within a few weeks of dating. But if you inspect closely, there can be tell-tale signs of warning and other problems. It’s very important to recognize these signs of warning before things get out of hand. There is set of guys that you could avoid to make your dating experience much better and memorable.

online-dating rituals.jpg
  • The never changing man: This is the set-in-his man. Dating someone who doesn’t want to have or do anything new will effectuate a one-sided and boring relationship. Stop thinking that the guy will change eventually and accept your hobbies. Such men are bound to turn more rigid with time.
  • The dominating boss- The pick-after-me-man is nobody’s man. These guys expect you to clean up their plates, put the furniture in order, pick and iron the clothes and do every chore as if they are children. You need to be aware of these guys they will treat you as their mothers when work comes and then change that to servants as per situation.
  • The deal-dealing guy: The man who always cooks a deal are the ones who constantly fish for deals, offers and comment on rates much early on. These are signs that show that he will be cheap and narrow-minded throughout the relationship, trying to strike a deal on all matters.
  • The sports fanatic- While watching sports or playing them is definitely one of the best things, guys who need to watch them all the time can be a headache. Men should never trump their duties in a relationship due to their love of sports or anything else, or allow their self-interest to take precedence over the love. Experts’ advice women to avoid men with childish obsession for sports.
  • The restless guy: There are men who claim to get increasingly less romantic with every date. They proclaim this proudly or can just say it. Initially, most men try their best to impress women, but by the sixth or seventh, impatience, laziness or indifference start to creep in. Such changes in behavior can easily predict how this man will become two to three years down the road.
  • The phone person and irresolute ambitious mate: Guys who cling on to their phones and don’t come out of their gadget obsession will never give you importance or the love you deserve. They fine recourse and repose in machines and have a different view of life, which is artificial and mechanical. Also, men who don’t have proper ambition or shift from one goal to another too frequently are clearly to be avoided. They don’t know what they are doing and no girl wants to be with irresolute men.

The most crucial aspect in Indian Dating for women is that you must avoid men who are over-smart or have insidious advances. Avoid men who send lewd messages, pictures, and videos and ask you to send yours. Avoid men who ask you to become physical or drop a hint in that direction too soon. They are cheats.

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What to do differently while dating before marriage

At some point in time singletons do feel pressured by their families and a handful of relatives to get hitched with someone they’ve chosen. Arranged marriages are undoubtedly a left a way to step into a new mode life, meet people and you can enter the ambit grudgingly or willingly. You will meet who regards loyalty and are serious about devotion and commitment. The question arises whether there’s a protocol of meeting someone via a more formal platform.

Here comes your attitude to Marriage Dating.  If you have a steadfast and smooth attitude here, you can surely make it a painless and enjoyable experience.

dating before marriage.jpg
  • Eliminate to facilitate context: Majority of people have the tendency of short listing partners on the basis of photographs, which can be misleading. A smiling picture in western casuals can do the trick. But girls are more eligible than boys and it’s harder to seek well-educated guys and decent looking boys. So, they end up getting more choice as compared to females. It’s also pivotal to shortlist profiles on parameters like diet, which includes non-vegetarians and vegetarians. You need to mention whether you live with your family or alone as it help to save energy and time on both sides.
  • Don’t bring family gossip: Earlier, when both families used to meet, an assortment of uncles, aunties, grandparents and siblings used to accompany them. The new trend in Marriage Dating sees the couple meeting each other sans the chaperones. It’s a good perception that youngsters prefer to meet alone at a restaurant or coffee shop. They know that with the family tail or the more infamously famous ‘khanaan’, they will hardly get time to know one another. You can have the next meeting with parents again. This is your time. Make the most of time.
  • Asking about anything: Now that you two have met and your potential spouse or fiancé hasn’t repulsed you, you need to know the best subjects to touch on. Now people ask about stuff quite frankly. There are no covers or vain formality. They want to know how established or well-settled a person is. They also want to know about your siblings, if you have any. You can ask each other about past relationships and experiences. It’s time to share your likes, dislikes and mutual interests. Can you cook type of questions are clichéd and have become redundant. Since it’s all about an equal partner for life and not a maid, you need to ensure that your questions your phrase are the least offensive.
  • Amateur detectives: Arranged marriages throw up trust factor queries. There are many examples wherein people hide their medical condition or financial status. Affirming the reality of claims is the main thing, but there’s no need to hurry. You need to go through Marriage Dating It will help you to make an informed and prudent decision that can change your life splendidly.

Talks on salary, cheque or income need to be carefully addressed. Gain some time, momentum and indulge in these questions. There’s no rule that boys will have to pay the bill. Since it’s about equality, girls should also do it. There you can see the drift.

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Marriage Dating advise from the Matchmaking Gurus

Besides giving you the chance to know and bond with your arranged marriage partner, it helps you to see and understand the manners, etiquette and other behavioral patterns. You can see how he/her behaves while interacting with the opposite sex or with people from higher or lower rankers and just about anyone. Marriage Dating is an epoch-making landmark in India as it helps two persons to understand each other’s virtues, vices, tastes and preferences in the most comprehensive manner. There’s no need to hasten things or to jump to conclusions when the guy or girl behaves in a manner you don’t like or don’t understand.

Marriage Dating

The sole purpose of this format of dating is to give you a chance and bandwidth to observe each sign and show what you mean other than just tell them. That’d be indicative of the mindset your partner extends towards you and the ones near to you. Matchmaking Gurus always opine that arrogance can never be plus. Spilling the sauce while the guy eats or blowing his nose is also done prudent.

  • Insight into your partner’s life: Well, this is a courtship period. It has happened in India before but didn’t have a parlance or hype attached to it. You share tastes, dreams, narrate your school anecdotes, childhood experiences, share your crushes and get to know her college and school pranks, then tell her about your friends and family while she tells you about hers. It’s an endless list and if people do it, you can also tread the dangerous paths of your past.
  • Revisiting your past: It’s the only time you can hark back to your past safely and not return gloomily. Needless to say, our past does have a role in conditioning our present and entails a terrifying ability to impact our future. Regardless of the amount of painful experiences you had in the past, or the number of times it was painted with merry hues, it’s vital to share those with your to-be fiancé or spouse.
  • When reality beckons- This is the perfect time and space to get real about you. It helps you to conductively appropriate the situation and help move forward to craft a bright future. You get to know your partner a lot better. You know where he or she is coming and where you both are headed.
  • Asking or anything or stopping: You have the scope to pop a question regarding any issue or person that has vexing you for a long time. It can make you apprehensive about your imminent future. It merits some serious answers and it shall help you make a call. By all means, they may be the answers you’ve always expected or the ideal answers you’ve looking for. They can also be even answers or those that you dreaded. You make a choice here because you have the freedom and leverage to do so.

Marriage Dating gives you the perfect window of opportunity to be aware of your own feelings as well. It’s perhaps the most important part of the approach that makes you go more heartedly for your partner.

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A guide to online dating: Beware of traps

Man is a social animal who is always looking for company and love. We as a species rely on company of like minded people to keep us in high spirits. Since time immortal, humans have always found various ways to find that one true love, with whom they would like to grow old and spend the rest of their life. This is especially true in case of our own country, India. If we look at our ancient texts and manuscripts, we often come across stories of lost and found love, which lasted for eternity. From the swayamwars of ancient times to the present day dating and marriage systems, we have come a long way. In today’s rapid age of digitization, even hearing about arranged marriages seems a bit regressive to some. Due to the job and career related constraints, maintaining a balance between personal and professional life seems like a tough task. Even taking out time to meet your beloved on everyday basis seems somewhat impossible.  Hence, in such a scenario, forums like online dating come across as a boon. It is a form of dating which has no time bound restrictions. You can even spend quality time chatting to the partner of your choice into the late night hours. However, like all things, this forum too comes with it’s own side effects. Often we come across news of people getting cheated and duped due to online dating. Despite all it’s benefits, online dating sadly, has become a breeding ground anti-social elements. From personal blackmail to financial loses, there are numerous kinds of booby traps that one can fall prey to while online dating. So, the question that arises in the mind of all is that is there any way, through which we can save ourselves from becoming a victim to online dating frauds? Well, as per cyber experts, there are certain things that one must keep in mind, to ensure safe online dating. These tips are as follows:

Online Dating, PC:
  • Do not give person details initially: The first thing that one must keep in mind is to not divulge too much personal details to the person on the other side during the initial phase of dating. Take time to know the person well and only when you feel safe should you discuss anything about your personal life.
  • Never give out your financial details: Never give your financial details like bank account number, credit or debit card number etc. to the person on the other side. It can land you in a major soup later.
  • Never share personal photographs: Make sure never to share your personal as well as family pictures with the person whom you don’t know well. Such pictures can be morphed and used for anti-social work or even blackmail.
  • Do not share your address or phone number initially: till the time you are not sure whether the person on the other end is serious on pursuing the relationship, it is better not to share your address and phone number.

As they say that it is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, make it a point to follow online safety rules even while searching for your dating partner online. Best of  luck!

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Does online dating actually work in getting the desired partner

Everyone all over the world is looking for the love of their life. Who doesn’t want a person with whom you can share your inner thoughts, deepest of secrets and feelings without getting judged? However, in present times, where time is money, relationships seem to have taken a backseat. Everyone seems to be in a rush of making a career and future for themselves, where the good old days of romance seem to be a thing of the past. Long gone are the days when one could spend endless hours writing love letter and romantic poems for his or her beloved. The present generation wants all things done at superfast speeds, at the click of a button. Love and marriage too, is no exception. In such a scenario, online dating comes as a boon for many.  This is a perfect platform for people who are looking for love, but just can’t seem to find time to meet their beloved from their busy schedules. Unlike normal dating, online dating is not time bound. Despite having long and tiring day at work, you can easily come back home and chat online with your partner, way into the late-night hours. While feeling free to express whatever you wish online, you might even end up finding the love of your life this way. But is it really that simple? Does online dating actually helps you find your desired partner? Well the answer to this lies in the form of personal experiences. While some people have actually ended up finding their ideal life partners online, others have not been that lucky. Many a times, you wind up getting cheated or duped by your online partner once you meet them in real life. So, the question that arises is that is it actually possible to find the love of your life online? Well to answer this, there are a certain set of Do’s and Don’ts, that one must follow, while trying to find their ideal partner online:

Online Dating Tips
Online Dating Tips(PC:


  • Be honest: Always be honest while creating your online dating profile. Never brag or over exaggerate your qualities in order to grab someone’s attention. The more honest you will, the more of a chance you have of finding a like minded person online.
  • Give the relationship time: Never try to hurry up and jump into a relationship. Take your time and try to know the person better before, meeting him or her in person. This will also end up giving your more clarity in your relationship.


  • Don’t have expectations: Never have any expectations in the initial phase of your online relationship. Once you decide to meet in person, you might end up getting disappointed that way.
  • Don’t be judgemental: Never be judgemental about the person till the time you know them better or meet them in person. Meet the person with an open mind and form your opinion only after that.

With these do’s and don’ts in mind, we really hope you end up meeting your ideal partner online. All the best!

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How dating has changed over the years for Indians living in Middle East

Everyone knows that one of the best places to find partner for you is dating websites. There are various such online dating sites, but the one which possess free dating services online will be most preferable one. When we talk about life of Indians living in Middle East, it is kind of boring and lonely.

couple in middle east

Why Indians living in Middle East go for dating websites

Finding a companion when you are a lonely Indian living in Middle East is not a bad idea.  The online Asian dating services are meant for you and try to make you satisfied. The main aim of the site is to help their customer to have best partner for them. Many people find it frustrating and difficult to process but once you can understand you will feel it easy. Indians living in Middle East can find the best match for them without having tension of rejection. So, why not to go for it?

Services at dating websites for Indians living in Middle East

  • online websites for dating always try to make their clients happy and comfortable at the same time. These services will be available whole day and night as anyone can feel like dating anytime.
  • Indians living in Middle East can access websites from their home itself and thus it is giving them the option to have time for a partner.
  • The online asian dating websites also apply the tool where it can suggest you partners with those you might be comfortable with. It is beneficial who are not sure about escorts. Few questions will be asked and your suggestion will be helping them to get the best partner for you.
  • Asian dating sites for Indians living in Middle East are offered for free so that people can really go for it.
  • Once you will be satisfied with the trial version you can spend cash on it. Moreover, such sites are quietly affordable for all.

You get to know each other, make friends, build relationships and have a really good time. Many people, who were once strangers, met on these websites, start dating and now are happily married.

On this kind of website, you will find many free online dating website services that are 100 percent trustworthy, genuine and safe. Apart from this, you can also get many dating tips for both for men and women. Also there is a list of do’s and don’ts that will help you and guide you in setting up that first online date.

So, if you are also able to find best dating website for yourself you can also have best partner for yourself. There are many successful stories which make sure that dating website is not just for fun or enjoyment. Team who are working here verify all details and thus one can trust the website. The portfolio is made by the customer at time of registration. This portfolio will indicate you and your personality. The picture along with it will show your personality. So, don’t waste time in Middle East with traditional approach of dating as online Asian dating is the best option.

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Do’s and Don’ts for a girl while dating a Punjabi boy

Girls always like to hang out with boys rather than with other girls. There are strong reasons about this. Guys don’t have any shit gossiping to do, there is no jealousy and drama. They are nice enough to be good friends. They will hold you and protect whenever you need them. Especially if the guy is a ‘Punjabi Munda’ then the chances of perfect dating increases. Punjabi guys are so nice and sweet that Punjabi Dating with these guys is so much fun.


geeta basra 2.jpg


They are so cool that even if you are dating them, they will not expect much from you. Punjabi Dating with such a cool guy is like a dream come true!

A Punjabi guy is simple as any other guy. You can do some certain things to cheer him up while you are on a date with him. Some of them are:

Cook food for him:  Yes you get it right! Punjabis are a big foodie. The way to a Punjabi guy’s heart and even his soul is through the stomach. Every Punjabi like a certain type of foods like Makki ki Roti with Sarso ka Sag, Kadi Chawl, Rajma Chawl, drinks like Lassi, Kesar Milk, Thandai and deserts like Kheer, Faluda, and Kulfi etc. Cook something for him and give him a surprise

Be happy: If a boy really loves you, there are some things which cheer him up more than anything in the world and the most important thing is your smiling and happy face. Just laugh and be happy when you are with him. It will give him immeasurable strength.

Sing any Punjabi song for him: These guys are very fond of Punjabi music. Just memorize some lines of any meaningful Punjabi song. Sing it and see his reaction. If you start understanding or liking the language then you both can listen together. This may help both of you to be full of enthusiasm.

There are also certain things that can frustrate him while dating. You should never do these things. Some of them include:

Don’t be fake: Punjabis do not like fake people. They really like honest girls. Be honest with him. Just be what you are. Being fake can dishearten him. You can share your feelings, your thoughts and your problems with them. They will understand and help you to solve them.

Never comment on his looks: Punjabi guys are really possessive about their looks. Don’t give any negative comment on his looks. Your negative comment will really hurt him.

Don’t mention your ex: No boy will like it if you keep mentioning your ex while you are with him. Do not compare him with your ex even in jokes. Never expect him to be like your ex.

Don’t talk about old issues: Do not bring those issues again between both of you that are closed. If you forgave him for some issue then don’t mention it in your talks while dating. It will really frustrate him.

These are some do’s and don’ts while dating you should give heed if your guy is a Punjabi guy.

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Do’s and don’ts for a boy while dating a Punjabi girl

Punjabi Dating with a beautiful Punjabi girl is like a dream come true for every boy. Punjabi girls are admired everywhere because of their beauty, their long black hairs, fair color, good height and their proper patola look. They look gorgeous in every attire.


Punjabi Bride


Here are some do’s and don’ts for you while dating a Punjabi girl. Let’s have a look on them:


Girls always love surprises. Give her surprises. Arrange a candle light dinner, put on some music, make her feel special and give her lovely gifts.

Although she has a very strong personality, yet she is very emotional and sensitive. You should know how to handle her emotions. Always respect her feelings. Always admire her personality. Being a Punjaban, she always achieves what she wants.

A Punjabi girl is open-minded, frank and outspoken. She always expects from her guy that he will understand her feelings.Understand her and always make her feel important

Punjabis are big foodies. Search for the best eating places in the town.  Always take her out to eat different style of food.

They are enthusiastic and fun loving. They expect from their guys to be like that. So, always try to do something new. Be enthusiastic.

She likes people with good sense of humor. Be like that and make her laugh at any situation. Crack good jokes to amuse her.

Always respect her family. Though she is a fun loving girl but she will never listen to something wrong about her loved ones.

A Punjabi girl likes doing adventurous tasks. She loves bullets, car and jeep rides. Take her for long drives on your bullet to enjoy your date to the fullest.

Punjabis are party animals and so are the girls. Do late night parties and have fun. But remember, don’t try to cross your limits. A girl always likes the guy with whom she can feel safe. Hold her and protect her if she is not in her consciousness. She will really this behavior of yours!

She mixes up with everyone even she is meeting with someone for the first time. Always admire this quality of hers.


Never do any show off in front of her. Punjabi girls really don’t like this. This is the major thing which you have to keep in mind in Punjabi Dating.

Don’t be fake in front of her. Be the original you. It will help to make your bond strong.

Girls like the guys on whom they can trust. So be trustworthy for her.

Punjabi girls have their self-respect. Never make fun of her emotions in any way. Never do things which can hurt her self-respect.

Always be a good hearted man for her. Don’t do bad talks in front of her. Never use abusive language when you are with her.

Don’t compare her to your ex, even don’t talk about your ex in front of her. Never expect her to be like your ex. All people have their own individuality after all!

Never talk about forgiven things and old fights. It can spoil her mood as well your date.

Always pay heed to these do’s and don’ts while dating a Punjabi girl. Do efforts to make your date perfect. Happy dating!

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