Do’s and Don’ts for a boy dating a Delhi girl

It not impossible, but definitely very tough to impress a girl from Delhi. And if you have been able to do so, then congratulations sir! You have definitely made a mark on the Delhi dating scenario. Enjoy this as the most memorable time of your life! But dude, please don’t do anything stupid to make her go away. The last thing you want in your life is an angry woman, that too from Delhi. So, if you are one of those lucky chaps who doesn’t want to lose out on his dilliwali girlfriend, we have here some do’s and don’ts for you:





  • Pamper her: pamper her by taking her to movies and favorite eating joints on holidays and weekends. Try showering her with small gifts of special occasions.
  • Respect her opinion: Delhi women are generally practical in their thoughts and outspoken about their opinions. Respect you girlfriend for the same.
  • Give her time: We know it’s tough to juggle jobs and the personal front on office days. Still, try and take out time to attend to the phone calls and reply to her messages when possible.
  • Let her make independent decisions: Give her the liberty to take her own decisions. After all, she’s a mature adult who was taking her own decisions even before you became a part of her life.
  • Respect her family and friends: Give due respect to her family members and friends whenever you meet them. This will surely earn you some extra brownie points!


  • Never interfere in her space: Make sure to give her space in the relationship. Never try to pile on your own commitments on her just because she is your girlfriend. Respect her privacy.
  • Never check her messages: This is a big no-no! Even if your girlfriend gives you the liberty to use her phone, still don’t do it! It is a kind of a trust test she might be putting you through. If you check, you lose her trust forever.
  • Never try to suppress her independent streak: Just because you are seeing her does not give you the right to take away her independence. Never ever try to make her do things your way, putting your ego first. Delhi girls are fiercely independent. By forcing her to do things, you are sure to lose her.
  • Never speak lowly of her job: most Delhi girls are working individuals who take pride in earning their own living. Hence, make it a point to never speak lowly of her job or the work she does.
  • Never speak against her family: Delhi girls share very strong bonds with their family members and friends. So never ever, in a million years say anything against their families or friends. If you ever commit such a blunder, even by mistake, then you are out! Period!

Follow these simple do’s and don’ts while dating a Delhi and be rest assured, that you are in for a smooth sail ahead. Wish you all the luck!

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Jewelry essentials for a working Tamil woman after marriage

Jewelry is an important thing for a Tamil bride. In fact without jewelry, a Tamil bride doesn’t look like a bride. Bridal jewelry enhances the appearance of a Tamil bride’s wedding attire. It adds extra charm to a bride. As per Tamil Matrimony, brides have to wear lot of jewelry to get an extraordinary look on their wedding day. Not just on wedding day, but it is essential for Tamil newlywed brides to wear jewelry on every occasion. Even in the family get together and small family functions, a newlywed Tamil bride has to wear jewelry on traditional attire.

working women

Working Tamil women also have to wear jewelry after their marriage because it is a traditional belief that jewelry signifies that a woman is married. Being conservative, Tamil people mostly believe in traditional views and concepts so they also think the same way. They have made it essential for the newlywed Tamil brides to wear jewelry even while they are working outside. Some jewelry essentials for a working Tamil woman after marriage are as follows-

  • Bangles– Bangles are essential to be worn by brides at the time of marriage and even after that. So being a working Tamil married woman, you have to keep on wearing your red and yellow bangles all the time especially if you are newlywed. A set of bangles must always be in your hands all the time. According to Tamil Matrimony, red bangles serve as the sign of marriage for a Tamil woman.
  • Earrings– According to Tamil traditions and views, a married Tamil woman has to wear earrings whenever she attends any function and whenever she has to go anywhere out. It means, while going to your office you have to wear beautiful earrings and look like a true Tamil married woman. Mostly Tamil married women prefer to wear gold earrings that add something extra in their appearance.
  • Necklace– Earrings and necklaces go hand in hand with each other. Being a married woman, you are supposed to wear a simple or heavy necklace while going to office and while attending family functions. Being a newlywed bride, you are going to represent your husband’s family wherever you go therefore you have to carry right kind of attire along with right kind of jewelry on your body. To represent yourself in the best way at your workplace, you should wear gold necklace with golden earrings.

Being a representative of your new family, you have to look beautiful and elegant all the time. You can wear whichever type of jewelry you like to wear to make yourself feel like a married woman. Everyone appreciates a newlywed bride who wears beautiful jewelry on gorgeous attire. If you want to get appreciation by people at your workplace, you should wear right kind of jewelry on traditional outfits that are usually worn by Tamil newlywed brides. It is compulsory for you to wear jewelry as you are newlywed bride but it not compulsory to wear heavy jewelry all the time. So you can wear simple jewelry while going to your workplace.

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When a Tamil girl decides to keep working after marriage: Merits and de- merits

The women of today want to be independent and most of the women these days tend to continue their career even after the marriage. You can make a check into any of the Tamil Matrimony websites and most of the girls that you will find are highly ambitious and want to continue working after marriage. But as a woman, you need to understand the changes that will come to your life and your ability to adapt to them. There is a huge shift on your life after marriage and you tend to have more responsibilities that you had before which has an impact on your body.


But that does not mean that you shall refrain from working if you love to work. There is many an advantage that a working woman has and here are some of the merits if working even after the marriage:

Self Respect:

When you stop working, your life is curtailed around the walls of your house and you tend to lose your control over yourself. You also tend to lower yourself in your own eye which is never a good thing. This is why it is highly recommendable for the girls to keep on working even after the marriage.

Financial freedom:

The women of today do not want to live on the income and help of anyone else and this is why it is very important for you to keep on working even after the marriage. When you are working after the marriage, you have a source of income that helps you to live life on your own terms and do the things you want to without having to depend on someone.


You tend to learn a lot of things while working and that helps you on the personal front as well. You understand how to tackle different situations and they help you in personal front as well. This is why you must make it clear in your portfolio that you will continue working after marriage while placing it in different Tamil Matrimony websites.

Family support:

When both the husband and wife are working, the financial condition of the family is better and you can give a better upbringing to your kids and are more equipped to face any kind of severity. This is why you must not sacrifice on your dreams and keep in working even after marriage.

But there are some of the things that you get to lose when you work after marriage and here is a look at some of those things:

  • You are not able to give enough time to your kids which may make them a little out of control and distant for you.
  • Sometimes, you are sandwiched between work and home and tend to get off your frustration on your kids and family members which is never good.
  • You are always short on time and thus are not able to enjoy the family functions and other get together as you can when you are not working.

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When you decide to become a Tamil housewife – Merits and de-merits

Marriage is one of the major things in your life and it tends to change your life completely. With the help of many a Tamil Matrimony website, it has become somewhat easier for you to find your ideal partner. But then, you cannot run away from the changes that it induces in your life. Especially, when you are a girl, you life changes substantially and many of you tend to leave your professional life and become a proper housewife.

Merits of becoming a proper housewife:

There are without a shadow of doubt many an advantage of becoming a housewife after marriage and here are some of them elaborated for you:

Able to devote time to your kids:

When you decide to become a housewife, one of the things that you have in abundance is time and thus is able to devote it to your kids. You are able to supervise and scrutinize the growth of your kid in a better manner and thus your kids do not fall in a bad company.

Able to enjoy family functions properly:

Another thing is that you can give proper time to family functions and enjoy them as you need not to rush back to work the next morning. That also helps in planning and making these functions better.

No exaggeration:

Many a woman that is working after marriage tends to get a bit exaggerated with the dual responsibility that they have and tend to crumble under the pressure. Some of you tend to have health issues at an early age only which is not good at all.

Taking care of your in-laws in a better manner:

Your in-laws also need a helping hand at elderly age and thus when you decide to become a housewife; you tend to have more time for them and are able to take care of them in a better manner.

Demerits of becoming a Tamil Housewife:

Though there are some merits of becoming a housewife after marriage, there are some demerits as well. This is why you shall look for a guy on the Tamil Matrimony site who is happy when you want to work after marriage. Here are some of the demerits of becoming a housewife after marriage:

  • The first thing that happens when you leave your professional career is you tend to lose your self-respect which is not a good thing at all. When you are bound around the walls of your home, negative thoughts tend to creep and you start treating yourself in a wrong manner.
  • You also become dependent on your hubby for everything and thus lose your financial freedom. You get to think too much before spending and thus start killing your desires which makes your life dull and boring.
  • Last but not the least, when you and your partner work, the flow of money and thus the living standard become better. But when you are a housewife only, flow of money reduces and that has an impact over the living standard.


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When a Christian girl decides to keep working after marriage: Merits and de- merits

It’s a set perspective that having a happy marriage is simply to get your priorities right with the Almighty. That’s the crux of Christian Matrimony, where the couples vows to understand and stay with one another amidst all odds and adversities. However, it’s proven that in a marriage where the woman has a career, it adds a lot of extra strains and demands on the family and marriage. It’s true that working wives are more focused on their jobs and careers, but to what extent that harms the relationship at home or does it harm at all, varies.


It depends on individuals, actually. It’s how to perceive life and do things. While opinions like working wives are exposed to infidelity and adultery, or career women entail a more independent and insouciant attitude with husband are mere generalities, the fact remains that working women find it hard to cope with both poles. It takes a lot of dedication and focus to maintain a balance. This balance is the all-important ingredient of a blissful relation.

  • On the advantages: Women are acclaimed for their multi-tasking potential. They have the ability to do various things at one time. You can support your family during economic crunch and define a new way of life. Being dependent upon the husband is passé now. You get complete financial independence, which is the obvious benefit. You’re on your feet and that’s your big bonus. You can call the shots at home and it gives relief that you don’t need to fear if your man deserts you tomorrow because you’ll be in a position to take care of your kids and yourself. You have a confident life.
  • Your children’s inspiration: A working woman always inspired her kids. The want to become like you and when they grow up, they’d rather look up to you than search somewhere else. You can work and take care of them at the same time.
  • More respect from the man and society: You’ll find that a working woman is actually better respected than housewives. However, husband’s attitude towards the woman is totally different. The entire family gives you more value and importance and that’s a morale booster.
  • A sociological benefit: You life can brim with exuberance as there’s no iota of time to be bored. You get to do something daily and that sets the tone. You can give a lot to society to. Young girls could learn from you about being financially independent.
  • Pitfall of family and negligence: The biggest disadvantage of a working woman is family. She becomes unable to give them their deserved time. It badly affects the children and even the husband too complains about it. This is a problem not just in Christian Matrimony, but for many other cultures as well.
  • Coping with fatigue: Handling work and family results in enormous stress and tension. It can jeopardize your health and lifestyle.

More often than not, working women can feel isolated from the society. As you remain immersed in work, you miss out on a lot of functions, events and family get-together or community gatherings.

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When you decide to become a Christian housewife – Merits and de-merits

Before going deeper into the topic, you need to know and understand it clearly that most families are okay with their daughter-in-law working. The society is evolving at a rapid pace and it’s but customary to find a working bride. This is more prevalent in comparatively more open cultures like Christianity. Regardless of the regional denominations and virtues, Christian Matrimony has its precedents straight for a housewife. On numerous occasions, people have raised the subject of how beneficial or important it is for women to remain at home after they’ve had kids, but here’s some light on the possibility of being a housewife before the arrival of your baby.

christian bride in saree.jpg

To being with, you need to know that being a housewife in a Christian household is quite a rare sight, at least if it continues for long. However, if the girl is not career minded and as such, always desired to marry, be a loving wife and dotting mother, then this one’s for you. Many girls aren’t excited by the idea of a 9-5 job or full-time career. Little jobs during the day from home would do fine. With a supportive husband, everything becomes nice.

  • All flexibility and time: This is actually an enviable situation wherein it’s hard to imagine that it’s still possible. You get the flexibility to live and work the way most women dream of. Recent studies suggest that increasingly women in their full-time schedules are reporting a huge desire to curb their working hours and be more like women with flexibility and time for the varied dimensions of life and themselves. This includes wife, chef, friend, gardener, and author. Citizen, seamstress, painter and you just name it. The list is just endless.
  • Contributing to the richness: In Christian Matrimony, if you’re a housewife, you might not add money to the household budget and expenses, but you can add incalculable and most precious value. The single bachelor marrying and finding himself empowered by a lady who managed the home front while the guy is out for professional drudgery is not oppression, but a way of life. You chose to be that way. You chose happiness in that way. This is called division of labor, which underlined successful marriages of yesteryears.
  • Focus on life’s subtleties: Most newly married couples today, who combined work 40 plus hours each week, can compare their relationship with their roommates’. They don’t speak of it with fondness or affection. People are only used to double earnings, which are potentially hazardous to the bond, especially when everything changes after the first baby arrives. If you’re a housewife, your relations won’t be affected and the bond stays strong.
  • Devotion to family: It’s a foregone conclusion that housewife can look after the kids, their wellbeing and family’s safety with full heart and unflinching devotion. Your attention won’t be diverted and you can give your 100% without compromising on anything and anyone.

The obvious pitfall is that you have to depend on your husband’s income to purchase or pay bills. That’s why part-time engagements are good enough. You can do it all with proper communication and understanding.

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Must haves for the wardrobe of a newlywed Christian groom

It goes beyond saying that Christian Matrimony is one of the most significant events for those who love to celebrate their faith. Brides have to drape themselves in gown or heavy outfit on their weddings and then the men, the handsome grooms usually wear a tuxedo. The fun-filled events brim with heavy dresses, excess eating and enormous enjoyment. After the wedding period, comes your honeymoon time. This is the time for which the couple remains super excited and they plan it even before their wedding.

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For the newlywed grooms, you need to remember that when you’re planning your honeymoon, you need to take extra care and caution for the honeymoon wardrobe. It’s not an exclusive women’s and men have their fair share of favorites, preferences and style marks as well. Here are some of the most favored clothes in your wardrobe.

  • Tees and shorts: It’s the most usual type of clothing that you need to include in your honeymoon wardrobe as you have to wear tees and shorts when you go to the pool side or beach side. You don’t need to be apprehensive about getting them all wet on the beaches. It’d be rather easy to enjoy on the pristine beaches and waves when you’re in your shorts. They are the most comfortable outfits that you can carry during your honeymoon period.
  • Tee-shirts and jeans: While planning your Christian Matrimony, your t-shirts and jeans are considered to be amongst the most general apparel for grooms. It surely fits into your newlywed tag. You can carry them to your honeymoon destination as you cannot wear shorts to everywhere you go.
  • Sandoz and three-forth: This is a very common combination and looks very chic on dudes. Whether your matrimony shopping is already planned or not, you just need to make sure you entail 3-4 pairs of these clothes in your honeymoon trip. You can wear them on the beach side, county shade or in the luxurious hotel spa. It’s a great outfit to relax and be comfortable in.
  • Cargos: Cargos are just wow. They are the most relaxing and amazing outfit for men and you look very handsome in those shaded or plain cargos. They care available in various designs like brown khaki cargos and military designs. You’ll feel elated in them when you see your partner getting more drawn towards you. The cargos are in huge demand these days as they create a definite style statement for any newlywed guy. This is surely a must have honeymoon apparel for a groom.
  • Trousers and formal shirts: Don’t forget to keep a few pairs of formal trousers and shirts. You might have some occasions where you have to get dressed in formal clothes. That might be clubs, romantic dinners, pubs or New Year parties.

Keeping your ties, hankies and socks in place is also a must. Post wedding, your life is not exclusively yours. You need to put them in the right order and neat. You also need to carry your body sprays, shaving kit, gels and hair-wash in there.

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When you decide to become a Bengali housewife – Merits and de-merits

Deciding to become a house-wife in any cultural fold in the present day world is no big deal. Let’s be pragmatic and let’s admit the fact that gone is the days when the girl had to be docile and demure, with coyness and silence to mark her character. People no longer have such primitive expectations and things are changing radically even in the rural areas. Contrary to what some media channels and concerns strive to make you believe that housewives in India or from Indian families are leading a jailed life, the truth is a huge departure from these canards, spread by people with vested interests.

And, no other women are as liberated and independent as the Bengali housewife. If you study recent reports or researches, you’ll find the surge in professional peaking from married Bong women. In Bengali Matrimony, a very good thing is that you’re allowed to pursue your studies if you marry early. Many girls, who marry before their graduation or degree or career zenith, get the support of her in-laws and husband to chase her goals albeit total footing in the family and commitment to the marriage. But it’s two sides of a coin and there are both benefits and demerits of the same.

bengali housewife.jpg
  • Independence and rise to fallout: You need to know that Bengali men are known to be close to their mothers. The mothers have a feeling that their son would always be under their hold. Any move here or there, they tend to think that their attachment is falling out or she’s gradually losing her grip over her son. This authority comes from the upbringing, her parentage and the social system of a certain generation. The bad thing is that the housewife is held responsible automatically for this change. As the girl in the family, you need to be patient and make her understand that he loves her still that much. It’s you who often have to adapt to a large number of changes and dictates, or make attempts to bridge the gap.
  • Coping with unrealistic expectations: Though on the downslide, in-laws still tend to expect that as housewife, you’re meant to run errands for the family. Yes, the benefit is that people nowadays give you much authority over household matters. But, like every other gamut, it has its pitfalls as well. When you’re asked to pay a bill or collect something, it might be a regular trend. Even if you have problems or are sick, there will be this feeling that you will or should do the job. You have the liberty to call shots in the kitchen or ration work, but again you share the liabilities too.
  • Being free doesn’t mean being always available: This is a popular pre-conceived notion that you find mostly in a Bengali Matrimony. You will have the liberty to hold tuition classes at your place or teach at other places occasionally, but the timings might become an eyesore eventually.

Many times, you have to hold these classes at home so that you can attend to the domestic chores and teach or learn simultaneously. That’s the thing that comes with being a housewife in Bengali family.

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Must haves for the wardrobe of a newlywed Bengali groom

Compared to the grandness, popularity and cinematic demand of a Bengali bride, Bengali grooms have lagged far behind. The gap has been abysmal, so to speak. The prime reason is that Bengali women have surpassed the men counterparts on many accounts, especially in urban society. Men are not that forthright and stamping as the women, who have been proven to be ambitious and adapting. One look at the entertainment and modeling industry will give you this picture. Now coming to the topic, not just Bengali grooms, grooms of any culture don’t have that much clothes or wardrobe essentials to talk about.

For men in Bengali Matrimony or any other shelves, the list is limited. Men don’t need a treasure-trove of clothes and jewelry. It’s a different ball game out there and what fits into the wardrobe is what you need in life and work front. A large part of it is defined by the fact that as men, you aren’t moving to a new place. You’re rather sharing your space with your beloved wife. Adaptability is in the social, mental and physical form, not through your wardrobe. You do not impress anyone here, but yes, you do have to get your lifestyle and habits in order now.

  • Shirts, formals and ties: You have your professional attire set out just fine. Stripes, checks or plain shirts of any hue, they hang cozily with the ties. That’s your formal wear with the pants. They need to be kept separately and fully ironed. Belts are equally important here as not all clothes support the same belt. It’s but a pertinent fact that the dhoti and Punjabi or wedding attire becomes redundant after that day only. It’s time to hand it safely inside the wardrobe.
  • Check on the ethnic ones: Bunking the dhoti and loony ‘topor’ doesn’t mean you’ll leave behind your ethnic clothes. Bengali men look very good in kurtas and sherwanis. You need to keep them separately for festive occasions or other social invitations. There’s a separate place for coats, ‘jawahar’ coats and blazers. A different section can be attributed to suits, sherwanis and more regal apparel that you can wear on grand days. Your wedding outfit, if it’s not the clichéd Bengali groom type, can also come in this fold. Many men prefer to wear their favorite kurta and pajama in their best friend’s wedding.
  • Fixing your daily essentials: This is where you lock it. In Bengali Matrimony, it’s the same as all other men. You need to keep a good stock of socks and handkerchiefs. These are your daily usable items as you go out of the house regularly. Men are also very particular about these things. The next is your watches. They are something that defines your charm and appeal. Men prefer to keep their watches most sacredly. It’s like an ornament.

Then you should have perfume and body-sprays. It’s true that cosmetics play little or no role in a guy’s wardrobe or associated space, but the perfumes are a must have thing. Shoes remain another vital ingredient in your extended wardrobe.

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When a Hindu girl decides to keep working after marriage: Merits and De-merits

Marriage is an essential according to Hindu scriptures.  Life of a Hindu girl changes after marriage, she suddenly becomes more responsible with a new family and a new environment.

In the community matrimony, the marriages are the most significant rule in the society to follow the guidance of nature.

After marriage, some women starts supporting their family financially with more responsibilities, they are not dependent on the man or the parents in the family.  Everything changes- her life, daily needs, desire, wants and her own dreams.

For any married woman, it is very difficult to balance all the things and tasks during her married life according to Indian culture in a proper Hindu family.

In Hindu society, the culture is so different and so are the mindset about the working women, they think that she is alone responsible for the family.She doesn’t have any freedom or rights in the family.

Some merits for working women

  1. Become an independent lady:

Doing some work professionally means that you are purely independent yourself through the job or the other work profile.

  1. An inspirational mother of your children:

When a Hindu woman decides to keep working after marriage, it’s very to maintain family and the responsibilities. Working women are always an inspiration to the world and her kids too. For the children, a mother is the most inspirational in this world.

  1. Increased reputation in the society

Be the motivational mentor in the society to increase the respect, reputation, power, potential, own status or the image through working after the marriage.

Some demerits for working women

  1.  Find less time to spend with family:

This is a fact that a working woman finds less time to spend with her family and children and this becomes the reason to increase the distance between the man and women.

  1. Harassment/managing all the works at a time:

It is difficult to do all the works and tasks at the same time as a working woman. In Hindu culture, married women have to do all the house works and raise children. With all this, it becomes hectic to work professionally.

  1. Disturbed family life:

For working women, it becomes difficult to balance the whole family members among your own responsibilities. So this becomes a type of demerit to keep working after marriage for women.

  1. Tolerate mentality of Indian society

Indian society is very ritualized where many kinds of peoples stay. Different lifestyles, thinking, mindsets play an important role in the making of Indian society.All this make it difficult for women to work.

  1. Changing priorities:

A woman’s priorities automatically change after marriage. Sometimes she has to drop all the dreams, after taking the new responsibilities.

In, women are meant to do house works but in the recent times, the atmosphere has totally changed. Most of the women are becoming independent despite all the difficulties they face after marriage.

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