Menu Ideas For a Typical Kerala Wedding

Food from the God’s own country, Kerala has definitely earned a venerated designation in the culinary book of the globe, especially because it becomes epicenter of most events. Kerala cuisine is dynamic and innovative. If you move through the fourteen districts of Kerala, you will find a wide variety of cuisines that differ in their taste, aroma, cooking style and appearance. In Kerala matrimony, it’s quite challenging to pick your favorite, so to speak. The unique aspect of delicacies is very evident in wedding functions. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Hindu, Muslim or Christian wedding, each will have their distinct and traditional dishes and flavors.

Brahmin Wedding Dishes

You need to choose menu that complies with the core regional flavors. You can then incorporate the vestige of traditional wedding food with local kitchen delicacies.

  • Fix your budget: First you need to establish a proper budget in accordance with your guest number. You can keep track of your number of dishes in this way along with the style and serving staff. Adding appetizers and auxiliary ends and odds is the next part.
  • Consider dietary preferences: While the state is relatively free in terms of food choices, there are people who don’t have dairy products, meat or other such things. Majority of weddings offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. You can provide an option. Most Hindu marriage ceremonies have sumptuous luncheon parties called Sadhyas, which are strictly vegetarian courses. However, most people also make meat in the reception parties and dinner.
  • Going local: If it’s a Muslim wedding, go for the Malabar cuisine. The place is renowned for their tasty biriyani. There are many choices here, from fish to mutton to chicken to mixed non-vegetarian biriyani too. For the vegetarians, there is vegetarian biriyani as well. Christian weddings, for example, have elaborate menu. It includes various types of stew like mutton, chicken or lamb stew, combined with rotis, appams or pancakes. You can choose soft pork chops, steaming chicken curry, crispy fish cutlet and fries and tasty mutton gravy.
  • Sea-food on the menu: Regions like Kottayam and Alleppey are famous for their exotic sea food and stellar preparations. You can always include some lip-smacking dishes like crab or mussels preparation, the Karimeen Polichathu. It’s a specialty of the district. Move over to Sadhya, it’s a sumptuous and mouth-watering feast central to Hindu weddings. You have an assortment of tasty dishes that number around 40 at times. It includes delicious sweets, tasty gravy, dessert and spicy pickles. You need to remember that while Sadhya doesn’t entail many varieties in design, the type and number of dishes along with the menu may vary in accordance with your location in the state.
  • The modern platter: You can find many Keralities preferring traditional cuisines at their Kerala matrimony. You will find that the modern parties and wedding luncheons often provide a cluster of main course meals. The 3-4 meals have rice, appetizers, bread and desserts.

South Indian food rules the roost in these weddings. People mostly serve them on plantain leaf and at times on glass plates.

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