Planning a Classy Cocktail Party For a Tamil Wedding

If you want to throw a classy cocktail bash for your Tamil Matrimony without hosting a gala function of the season, the most important thing is to stick to basics. While celebrating the merry occasion is exciting and fun, cocktail parties tend to get a little expensive. While many people tend to go overboard with the preparations, the idea is to start with the simple things. First is to determine the number of your guests. Always remember that your invitees for engagement and cocktail party are a must for your main wedding. So, choose your guest list wisely.

One of the central things to look for is food and décor, lights, venue and food and beverages. Here’s how to chic and simple.

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  • Guest list and invitation: A printed, formal invite is something you don’t need. They are indeed a lovely touch. They are not necessarily synced with social media mechanisms. These are casual get together. In case you have to cut your budget as per time frame, this might be the apt place to make your score. These are viable ideas if your invitee list is small. Pertaining to the guest list context, don’t invite a person that you won’t to your wedding. If a couple doesn’t set their wedding invite list, you can stick to family and close friends. The idea is to be safe.
  • The décor: If you want to throw an easygoing, welcoming party, your décor doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. Just hang a chain of string lights or hanging lanterns across the lawn or patio. You can also hang them in your living room. Buy a floral arrangement to make the entry gateway. You can also make a chalkboard signage or two. For those who’re die-hard fans of the popular DIY, you could perennially find a cheap, casual, but statement-creating project. The best example is heart balloons.
  • Fun activities: You need to remember that a cocktail party of your Tamil Matrimony is not like a typical bridal shower. Nobody expects games in these ceremonies. However, in case you think that a mere conversation may be insufficient to entertain the guests, you can always create a few activities to create some other platforms. It’s always good to break out from the jinx if you face emergencies. You can opt for bar-style or themed trivia games. The games can feature the love story of the couple. You can have the game on backyard’s background. Karaoke is always a great idea.
  • Food and drink: This is the place where you spend your cash, the moolah. Just keep it simple. For those wanting to serve alcohol, you can stick to wine and beer. Just ensure you set a proper party theme to coordinate with your budget. For instance, if you want to serve little bites, you mustn’t host the function around the time of meals. Out it after dinner or at mid-afternoon.

Affordable and creative can be stuff like meatballs, spaghetti, green salad with baked potato slices, munchies and hamburgers, or cornbread and chili.

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Planning a Fun Filled Sangeet Ceremony For a Tamil Wedding

One of the most popular pre-wedding functions, the Sangeet ceremony is an opulent celebration of the meeting and mixing of two families in the much awaited union of their beloved children. Although more visible and commercialized in north and central Indian weddings, the sangeet events are a class of their own in Tamil Matrimony. It offers immense respite from the hassles and hectic wedding preparations. All the women of the family come together well in advance and carry spoons and dholaks (percussive instruments), surround the beaming bride and belt out traditional and popular wedding songs.

The subjects of the thumping songs vary from daily life of girls to teasing the coy bride. Some songs also speak of the parents’ pain while sending their beloved daughter to her new house.

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  • Creating new ideas: The sky is the limit while planning a sangeet event. You have no set rules and order in this regard. Here’s a scope of pouring out all the bridal dreams you’ve cultivated thus far. You have the leverage to go overboard if you have a proper, permissive budget. The dress you choose for your sangeet is definitely one of the best in the bridal trousseau. It comes second only to the opulent wedding ensemble. However, unlike the wedding dress, you are free to experiment with several designs and styles. The bride can choose to adorn an ensemble instead of a sari or lehenga. Even if she wears a lehenga or a dress as opulent as that, she can go with any design, cut or color.
  • The dress variation: There are leading designers designing some modern and funky lehengas that enable you to turn up the looks and glam quotient. It will still allow you adequate comfort and you can dance sans worrying. There’s the groom and his gentlemen brigade turning out in kurta pajamas or the latest indo-western dresses like kurtas with dhoti pants. You can also wear a Nehru jacket or waistcoat over it.
  • Induce games: Apart from the loud songs and dancing, your sangeet ceremony in Tamil Matrimony might include interactive games like riddles and karaoke. You can arrange award-like functions where they laud you for your performances. There’s enough room to get creative with the snacks and cocktails. You can hire a professional bartender to entertain invitees with his special antics. You can induce further competition between respective groups of the bride and groom. These are Guess Who and tug of war. You can also be very innovative with the modern sangeet event’s theme. It can be your Tamil film night, magic theme or princess dream. Some folks also go for disco night or casino night.
  • Getting your basics right: Event management firms can look after the entire event. It starts from selecting the perfect setting to selecting the best choreographer. They can also arrange celebs for participating in performances.

The professionals manage each detail from song to food selection, from photography to lighting. All you have to do is show up for the wedding and make yourselves the star of the show.

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Adding a Contemporary Look To Your Traditional Tamil Wedding

Just because you are going in for a traditional Tamil matrimony does not mean that you cannot jazz up your wedding. You can do a million things to make your wedding like no other- be it giving a face lift to your wedding venue or add some fun to the rituals. We help you make your otherwise somber wedding a fun filled fiesta!

Redo the Decor – The decor of any wedding venue can make a world of difference to the mood of the guests and the wedding. To add a more contemporary look to a traditional wedding set up you can use flowers in a subtle way. Instead of going for the conventional marigold flowers you could use some exotic flowers. They can be put as center pieces at each dining table.

Bring the outdoors inside with small trees to break up the eating tables. Doll them up with lights and decorations. You could also jazz up the bride and the bride groom chair with some funky flower patterns.

Also, instead of having a traditional backdrop of flowers, have a modern one with pictures of the couple from the day they met to just before the wedding. Intersperse the panel with some scented candles and silk drapes.

In fact you can give each guest a flower garland that they have to wear as they like. It will add some fun to the wedding photos.

Traditional Tamil Wedding
Traditional Tamil Wedding (PC:

Light up the Wedding – To make your wedding venue look cozier and intimate have a lot of subtle lights. If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding; dress up the trees with some ferry lights. Have long hanging chandeliers, lanterns and café lights hanging from above. This works wonders especially if you have lofty ceilings. Try to have amber or pink uplights as the warm glow is inviting and can make any place look chic and stylish. It also works well for the photographs.

Different Mandap Ideas – Instead of going in for the typical wedding colours you could look at more English colours for the mandap. Use netted drapes in silver and complement them with fresh flowers like carnations, orchids and lily. Also, instead of wrapping the pillars of the mandap with flowers you could also use silk drapes. Add some good lighting to enhance the look.

Have a theme – You could have a common theme for your special day and carry it through all the decor, gifts, lighting and more. For instance if you go in for a white and gold theme- go all out with white carnations and white lily as the flower for the decor, white and gold drapes for the mandap, white and gold crockery for the meal and complete it with some soft ambient lighting in yellow.

So now that you know how to make your wedding fun; go ahead with buckets full of enthusiasm and create everlasting memories.

Tamil Wedding Invitation – Dos and Don’ts

Wedding is a major and special event in one’s life. We all need blessings of our friends, family and relatives in our wedding functions. There are many pre-wedding and post-wedding functions organized by our family. They are all part of our traditional systems and cultural values. We invite our close ones and guests to accompany us in the best day of our life. People come and shower their blessings and also enjoy with us to become a part of our big day. Well, to invite our expected guests we must follow some protocols regarding invitations. There must be a proper system and process for everything we do in our life. So, let’s take a look on what to do and what not to do.

Things to do:

Simple Wedding Invitation
Wedding Invitation(PC:
  1. Take much time in organizing the list of guests, finalizing the schedule of wedding functions, preparing the good designs for cards and addressing the guests on cards. It may seem that addressing and distributing cards is an easy task, but believe me it’s not. Many people, who don’t do these things in advance, regret later. Make sure all would be a part of the guest lists and don’t forget to invite even single person who either work with you or lives near you.
  2. Be well organized and maintain a good record of what you have to do. Make sure to use same card patterns for everyone. Never discriminate formal guests with closed ones. Express your love and respect through your invitation. For example: In Tamil matrimonial, guests are sent the written invitation in banana leaf, as a traditional process to show respect and gratefulness.
  3. Discuss with your family, friends and bridal family members for assistance in preparing guests list and estimated guest count. As you will have to prepare a budget for the catering and venue in advance, so knowing the estimation of expected guests count is very important. Also, with help of group discussion, you will not miss anyone from sending invitations.
  4. Address the guests properly and without spelling mistake. What so ever may be the situation, never use printed tags for addressing the guests on a wedding invitations. Always write the name and titles with your hand and be careful regarding spelling mistakes. If you have a doubt or confusion in spelling, you may freely ask. It’s not a bad thing. Also, if you have to invite a joint family, try to mention names of all major members.

What not to do?

  1. Do not forget to mention each and every basic detail in the invitations. If required, use the route chart or insert a small map of directions to make it easy for guests to spot the venue. Be careful to mention accurate timings of every function.
  2. Don’t mention anything related to the legal registry of your marriage or anything like that. It’s really not required.
  3. Don’t overdo in the designing and invitation card formats. Keep it decent and stylish, but don’t make it look like an epic.
  4. Don’t give invitations to each and every single person in the place you work. You can provide a group invitation for inviting formal colleagues.